Monday, March 19, 2012

March Musings

So, since I haven't posted anything since February, well, I've been feeling a little lonesome for the ole' blog. I thought it would be good to stop by and jot down a few of the things that have been going on. So, in no particular order here goes:

I still love my new job. People keep asking me, like they don't really believe me when I say how much I love what I am doing. I really, really love it. I think why I love it so much is because it does not feel like a job. It feels like, well, it just feels like family. And I LOVE my family. So I am as happy as can be spending my days with four little sweethearts. I believe that besides their parents, there is no one, absolutely no one who can take care of children as well as a grandmother. And I am up for the task. I love each one unconditionally and their best is my priority. I am as happy as can be. Here we are at a recent field trip to the zoo:

And even though the days are longer than they used to be, I have a minimum of two hours every afternoon to read, knit, or watch tv. Unthinkable! I have never had that in the working world. I have watched two seasons of Downton Abbey and am in the fifth season of Friday Night Lights. I have knit a passel of fairies and dinosaurs. I am working on a shawl right now and am trying to decide between starting some easter knits for the babies or an intensely detailed pair of socks for me. I love it!

I hate spring. I always have. The word bipolar comes to mind. We have a few days of 70 degree weather and it is awesome. The next day is is in the 40's and the wind is blowing hard. I hate wind. I learned to hate wind as the child of a crop duster. Wind was the devil - it was not friendly to our livelihood. I still feel the same way.

I joined Weight Watchers. It's going well. I figured since I am more active now then I have ever been I should take advantage of it. My husband is doing it with me and two of my daughters. It's great to do it as a team.

And speaking of WW :), I just got Ree's new Cookbook. It is amazing. I made her saucy brisket for Sunday dinner and it was a hit. And the recipes can all be entered into WW recipe builder to figure out the points. So the two can co-exist.

I just finished reading John Ramsey's book - The Other Side of Suffering. John Ramsey is the father of JonBenet' Ramsey, the little girl who was murdered in Boulder, Colorado several years ago. If there is any book I could recommend to you it would be this one. It focuses mainly on the spiritual walk of John and Patsy Ramsey following the death of their daughter and the horrible, inexcusable treatment of them by the media and the Boulder Police department. I simply could not put it down and stayed up until after 1:00 in the morning to finish it. I want to read it again. If you have a Kindle, download this book now. You will not be sorry.

Next week is spring break. I am so excited. I have not have spring break off in many, many years. My teacher/daughter gets the week off so my nurse/daughter took a vacation week so we could all have some time off. Perfect! I intend to spend some hours in my sewing room working on a quilt and some other smaller projects. I can't wait!

We took a long weekend and went to Tuscon, Arizona for my husbands birthday. We met my brother and sister-chick down there and spent a couple of days in Tombstone. We had a blast. It was my first visit to Arizona and I totally get why people move there.

Beth Moore is coming to our area again. She was here four years ago and it was such a special time. I really look forward to hearing her again. I believe she is an anointed woman of God and I always learn from her words. And Travis Cottrell will be with her again. He leads worship like none other.

Well, that's it for now. It's been good to visit.