Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ok, so after changing my blog into a knitting blog, I have decided to create a new knitting blog and keep this blog, Robinznest, as my personal, sometimes reflective, most of the time trivial place that I write and meet with friends.  Got that?

It just seemed like a good idea and an easy solution to my new knitting podcast.  I hadn't written anything in months and perhaps just sliding it into my knitting life would be the easy fix.  However, I found that I missed Robinznest being what it has always been and from time to time I feel stirrings of writing creativity that make me think I will start blogging more regularly again. 

So there you have it.  Robinznest will remain as it has been and Robinznest Knits will be the place that I release my podcasts and talk about my knitting.

And who knows, maybe someday soon I will start blogging here again.  I miss it.  And I miss you.