Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Days

Technically, it's not summer yet.  But it feels like it is.  School is out, weather is warm, flowers are planted and the days are longer.  I am enjoying it all so much.  For the first time since I can remember my summer days are feeling like, well, summer.  No more getting up early and driving to work, sitting at a desk spending my day behind a computer, and driving home, tired at the end of the day.  Now these days are filled with kids and field trips and popsicles and lambs and gardening and chickens and knitting and reading.  I run errands during the daytime like lots of stay-at-home women do.  I went to the nursery last week to pick up some more flowers and I went mid-morning and it felt so free!  It may sound crazy but it is the most liberated I have felt in many years.

Here are some pictures of things I have been busy with:

Sweet Ava Claire had her big dance recital.  Pure sweetness this girl is!

Poppa has started teaching Tyler the basics of horse riding on a horse just his size.

And whatever brother does, little brother has to do too.

We have added chickens to our little farm!  This is Marigold - the sweetest little hen.

This is Chrysanthemum, my little Buff Orpington.

He looks like his is squeezing them - but he is actually very gentle with them.

Tom Cruise - the rooster.  The name just seemed fitting.

We have spent the last 3 weeks building this chicken coop.  My husband is a master builder!

So, our little hobby farm is complete now - two horses, one miniature horse, two lambs, one jersey calf, a dog, a cat, and now about a dozen chickens!  I really never saw myself doing this - it just sort of happened.  But I am having so much fun and there is something so satisfying, so calming and centering, so fulfilling in just enjoying the basics of life.  I feel so blessed!