Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Robinznest THE PODCAST! Episode 1 - An Introduction

Exciting things are happening at "the Nest"! Creating a podcast is something I have thought of doing for quite some time now.  And since I had a few days off this week I decided to just go for it. In my first episode I talk about my knitting, my farm, how I am growing my sheep into sweaters and of course my sweet grandbabies. I hope to be able to embed an audio player in my posts in the future, but I am a very slow techie person and it is going to take me some time to figure it all out. In the meantime, if you care to listen, go to iTunes and search in the podcasts for Robinznest. If you listen, please be sure to leave a comment on iTunes, it helps move my podcast up in the search engine. I truly hope you enjoy it!

SHOWNOTES for Episode 1 - An Introduction

the first knitting website I discovered 

this is the pattern to the infamous Mr. Foster.  Give him a try - he is an education in himself!

This is the first knitting podcast I discovered.

This is a great website/podcast to follow.

I have learned so much about wool and knitting on this site.

The shawl I am currently working on.

In the podcast I said this pattern was called Sheep.  My bad, it's really called Lamb.

This is the Ravelry group I joined for the Ravellenics.

Yikes!  This is my project for the Ravellenics!  Wish me luck!

The most awesome sheep/wool/spinning resource ever!

The world's fastest knitter - whew!  She makes me tired just watching her!

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