Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Puppies!

Josey, one of my Yorkshire Terriers, had her puppies last evening! She had 4 perfect little ones - 3 girls and 1 boy. I have been breeding yorkies for several years now, but I never get used to the miracle it is! Josey looks a little worn out in these pictures - reminds me of some of the pictures of me after giving birth! We had to go to the vet and get a shot of oxytocin to help her labor along - she wasn't too impressed with the vet! But she is doing great and is SUCH a good little mama! This is her first litter.


Toni said...

Awww! They are too cute! I would be wiped out too if I had 4 babies at once!(and NO epidural!) Congrats on Josey first litter and her good health!

Nan said...

Awww! How exciting! Okay so we have a lot in common... four children of one gender, a love for our Yorkies (or Yorkie mixes in my case!), Pastors' Wives AND I always had the name Josie slated for a girl if I ever had one! **creepy** ;^P



Anonymous said...

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