Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Black and White

I am definitely a black and white person. I love practicality. For me it has always been easy to know (notice I said KNOW and not DO) the difference between right and wrong. I like it that way - no grey areas in my life. Either do it or don't do it. Say it or don't say it. Think it or don't think it. You know, choose to do what is right. I have always thought of it as a gift. Lately though, I have been realizing that being so pragmatic can have a downside too. For instance, when you are such a black and white person and you are dealing with people who tend to be more of an abstract thinker type, there can be problems. I can find myself becoming impatient with my more theoretical friends as they take all kinds of time to reason all the different angles of a situation out. "For crying out loud, you know you will come to the same conclusion as me eventually, so let's get on with it!" I want to shout. Also, I fear that my realistic approach to life can appear to be arrogant and maybe a bit pompous to others who like to think things through. And it disturbs me a little bit, well, okay, more than a little bit to know that some definitions of pragmatic include hard-headed and hard-nosed. Surely, people don't see ME that way! Another negative aspect to being such a black and white person is that I can tend to make impulsive decisions. Not that it's always a bad thing - it saves me alot of time, but maybe once in a while it would be a better idea to think things through a little bit.
I don't know - this is all causing me to spend more time than I like to think hard about something! But I am coming to realize that I need to sort this out. I don't want to be a hard head! I want to be patient and gentle and kind and loving. I think you can be a black and white person and still have these qualities but I probably have to work harder at it then my more conceptual counterparts. So the question remains: Am I a

or a


Becky said...

You are right about my garden. I will be thrilled I spent the time when things start lookin' good.

And I too am a black and white person. Our "gift of prophecy" can be abused. I have had to learn that my "gift" does not mean a critical or judgemental spirit. Thank goodness getting older has taught me to mellow out a bit. I am sure you have learned the same. Nice to meet another one!

Toni said...

Are we tense today? You are a panda bear!

We are complete opposites. I think. Maybe. Yes. Complete opposites. Maybe...

Grafted Branch said...

I surfed over from a comment on BooMama 'cause we share a name...point of curiosity.

Anyway, as I read this post, all I could think was how I used to be b/w too...and then the Lord taught me a little more about Him -- and me -- through some difficult situations that don't easily fit into the b/w columns. Since then, I'm even more aware of my need for His grace, and less reliant on my ability to know and choose the right.

Sometimes b/w folks find themselves in the midst of a humbling chastisement that they didn't know they least I did.

Anonymous said...

Great post robin. I am not a black in white person, but sometimes I wish I was! My life circumstances have opend my eyes to see that life isn't that simple. I can know the right thing to do or believe, but growing up in a home of abuse, I became less certain of simple truths.
Ex. For a child being abused over and over he/she may not accpect the fact that they are loved by God. They have to be shown unconditional love by others, over and over.
Slowly, they come to realize God's love for them and follow Him. They now realize there's no room for gray with God's love. His love brings endless grace to our lives. I am thinkful for his endless grace in my own life as I am still healing form my wounds.

Corrie said...

Found your blog through Nan's. I don't think I am black and white. Unfortunately I have a thing for black and white clothing. My closet is crammed with tops containing the two non-colors.
I enjoyed your blog.
Have a great day!