Wednesday, March 21, 2007


One would think that since one has already, somewhat successfully, raised 3 teenage daughters that the fourth one would be a snap. You might think that after going through three rounds of pms, boyfriend problems, girlfriend problems, joys, heartaches, disobedience, happiness, proms, graduations, and college that perhaps I could write a book on how to raise the perfect child. Not so. As in every other area of child rearing - children are all different, with very different personalities and struggles unique to themselves. Typically daughter #4 and I get along very well but every once in a while (like this week, for instance) every little thing blows up into huge, monumental events and us two women resemble a couple of mountain goats going at it, butting heads. Just when you THINK you have a handle on being the parent, some big, new, and earth-shaking crisis unfolds and you find yourself running back to the bookshelves to see what good old Dr. Dobson recommends for this particular instance. I have decided that I have absolutely no parenting advice. I know nothing. Don't ask me what works and what doesn't because I simply do not know. The best advice I guess I ever heard was "just get them through it".
My Bible reading this morning was in James chapter 1. It opened by saying that I should count it all joy when I face trials and persecutions. Yikes! What was James thinking by starting his book with THAT? Anyone in their right mind would close that book and find another one! But I didn't, I kept reading. And I read that every trial would teach me something, something that I need to know. I will learn perseverance, and only then will I become mature and complete. Then the next verse told me that if I need wisdom I only need to ask for it and believe that God will give it to me. Thank you Lord. I DO need Your wisdom. I don't want to attempt being a mother without You. I want to grow mature and complete in You.
I am so thankful for God's Word - it is so alive and fresh and applicable to everyday life. I am also thankful for a Christian husband who can somehow place himself inbetween two hormonal women and look good to both sides! I will be spending some quality time praying and seeking wisdom in how to handle this latest moment of teenage angst. Come to think of it, I remember doing this alot with the first three!


Toni said...

Hate to tell you this- I was the same way! I am the youngest of 3 girls. My parents thought they had everything under control and knew what they were doing, then came trouble moody child.

Could just be a temporary funk- on her part- good luck, I know you'll get through this even stronger!

p.s. how are the puppies?

Julie Fink said...

This is so good and so true!