Friday, April 13, 2007

Real Mama's

Becky at The Butler's Wife tagged everyone to play this game! I have loved reading everyone's responses - they have been so touching and beautiful. So here is my list:

Real mama’s:

Don’t try to live their lives vicariously through their children

Don’t try to be their child’s best friend. They know their kids will have LOTS of friends, but they will only have ONE mama.

Provide a home that is a haven from the world outside, a place to feel safe and loved and warm and special.

Are their children’s biggest source of encouragement

Hold their kiddo’s accountable for when they do wrong

Enjoy being in their children’s presence

Don’t say, “Wait till your dad gets home”

Hold back from protecting their children from everything – they know that some things are only learned the hard way.

Love and respect their husbands in front of their children

Talk with God A LOT

Know when to let go and trust that God will bless the job you have done

Thank God always for the wonderful, beautiful, incredible, breath-taking privilege of being a MAMA!

So now, if you are a mama, I am tagging, YOU!


Robin (pensieve) said...

Many, many great reminders...I just wish we would HEAR this kind of stuff BEFORE we need to, ya know? I guess we listen as we need to...

Toni said...

True, true, true! I did a 'redneck mama' version of mine. I just can't be serious. Serious is overrated!

Becky said...

Oh, that was great Robin. Thanks for playing along. I am enjoying reading them all too. Isn't it amazing how much WE learn from being mamas and how much we DIDN'T know when we started being mamas :)

Julie Fink said...

I enjoyed your list!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Ohhhh! I love your list. I don't think I could come up with one now. That one is perfect. And thank you for sharing it. It's all great advice - all stuff I agree with and just needed to be reminded. With an outlook like yours, I bet you have some pretty great kids!