Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My New Favorite Place

I used to think that retired snowbirds were kind of a funny sort. I thought it was interesting that these folks would relocate every winter to a warmer climate. I don't think they are so funny anymore. Maybe it's because I am getting closer to their age, but I prefer to think it is because I am just becoming more understanding and compassionate and sensitive to all those around me;).
Anyway, I am becoming a person who loves warm weather. I love gardening and being outside on nice warm days. So this year my husband and I decided to make an "outdoor room" that we could enjoy. I am so pleased with it.
Here I am with my four daughters, two sons-in-law, and my mom on Mother's Day. We had such a great day together. My family is God's gift to me and I enjoy them so very much!

We eventually plan to add a "living room" area to the patio. We bought one of those patio fireplaces so we can enjoy some of the cooler weather too. My husband and I (mostly my husband) poured the cement and stamped and stained the border. We had a professional come in and do the cover. It's been done for a week now and we enjoy it more all the time!


kittyhox said...

Ooh, I LOVE it! And I like your idea of a lounge/living area, too. Outdoor fireplaces are the best! My mother put in a firepit with benches around it and its so much fun to roast marshmellows!

Also, what a cute puppy!

Also, I love the little banner on your site "As for me and my blog..."

I noticed on your profile you mention that you work at a University. That's something I'm thinking I might like to do, if ever I finish my degree. (I'm currently, as always, taking classes.) Do you like it? It seems like a nice work environment with the possibility of some flexibility, during the summer? Depending on the job, of course.

Anyhoo, this is very long and I see I should have just e-mailed you! :)

Becky said...

Oh, Robin, that is so lovely. If that were at my house I think I'd live out there. We have a back porch with patio furniture and we love to drink our coffee out there in the mornings. But ours is not nearly as big and beautiful as yours.

That border is so pretty. I enlarged it so I could see the detail. I even love your mugs! Your doggie is adorable :( That is a sad face for the one we miss.

We have talked about screening in our porch "after Abby is gone" for years. Now would be the time of course. We have so many bugs that it would get used much more often, but then we'd never have a mama wren building her nest out there. Hmm, no bufoo frogs pooping on the cement either. I'll think on it.

I had to laugh so hard when you commented on my blog that you too do "read and feed" and that is why you had to join the weight loss challenge. You are so funny.

I too, love being outside and I love flowers and gardening. I am an outdoor gal. Speaking of which, time to go water some plants.

Julie Fink said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I am ready to come for a visit. I can see US now sitting together drinking ice water and eating carrot sticks together :)!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Your outdoor room is beautiful! We built something similar last year. We built a large deck that includes a "kitchen" (place for the barbecue) and dining room and a bedroom! The kids love to sleep out there in the summer. I'd like to add more to it, but of course we need the money first!

~Betty~ @ On the Journey to Victory said...

It's beautiful. I can see why you would like to be outside. It looks like you guys had a great time together for mother's day.

Hope you are doing good this week. I'm hungry tonight. I just finished some popcorn and tea. I did get my exercise in today.

Toni said...

Looks like you had a great day!