Monday, October 29, 2007

Potpourri Friday on Monday

Oh my - have I really gone a whole week without blogging? That's not a very good sign. But I can explain it in three words - 'tis the season. It seems that no matter how organized or well-intentioned I am, around mid-October it all falls apart and I come to the place that I decide I am doing really good just hanging on for the ride!

Just last week I taught a Bible Study, hosted a jewelry party, and chaired a women's event at church. Oh, and did I mention I had a stomach bug for two days? My stomach is still churning and rolling for that matter. But I have too much to do to think about it for long. And I am working constantly in my spare time on Christmas projects that I am dying to share but have to remain a secret because too many of my daughters and relatives read my blog!

The womens event we had at church was so much fun. Our council likes to host an event for our ladies that is totally free and for every age. So we have what we call Girl's Night Out. It goes from about 7 pm until midnight or so and the sole purpose of it is to just have fun. Because girls just want to have fun you know! We also invite ALL girls no matter what their age is. Because we want them to feel welcome and enjoy womens church events. They are the future women of our church. And it is our job to mentor them.

So as always we had lots of good food

and this year we played several group games and we had 3 certified massage therapists who brought their chairs and gave massages all evening. The massage therapy is taking place against the wall in the back of the picture.

Some of our teen girls had a fashion show for us. I forgot to take pictures of them coming down the "runway" but I did get a group photo of them.

And I think my favorite part was what we did for the little girls. We turned our ladies room into a beauty shop and turned all the little girls into princesses for the evening! We fixed their hair in up-do's and gave them all tiaras to wear.They were so cute. Some of them even wore their tiaras to church on Sunday morning. Our final event was showing Love Comes Softly on the big screen in the sanctuary. It was such a great evening - but I was so tired when we were done.

So I'm back to work today. I think there is something wrong when a person has to go to work to get rested up from the weekend!


Lucydolls' ramblings said...

Oh Robin, that looks like fun. October is always a busy month for me with harvest and all, but someday I plan on attending one of those girls night outs.

Oh by the way, Happy Early Birthday!


Becky said...

That is funny ... going to work to get a rest. But I know you. You could rest just fine at home ... and happily ... if the world would just leave you alone.

Looks like a wonderful time with your event. And something for everyone. I hope that is an anual event. You probably said so but I can't remember.

Have a great week Robin.

Corrie said...

What an awesome tradition. Titus talks about the older women training the younger in so many life issues...building these relationships and memories is the first step. I love that your church body participates in such an event! Very cool!
Hope your tummy feels better soon!

Mishel said...

Whew! You have been *very* busy! It certainly looks like you all had a great time at your Girl's Night Out! I hope you are feeling better today--it's no fun having a stomach bug.

Julie Fink said...

What a fun night!

Anonymous said...

Neat neat way to spend time with the young gals and show them they can be special and have fun !

Sorry about going to work. I have a part time job and I do not like taking time away from my home, but I must help pay some bills!


Midlife Cycler said...

I dont know what I did that I was anonymous...I didnt mean to but I was having problems getting the comment to publish..sorry
Jody (midlife cycler)

Karen said...

Oh, these are so much fun! I wish we had them every year.
I'm sorry you had the tummy trouble. Hope you're feeling much better now.

gail@more than a song said...

Your girls night at church looks like such fun! What a great idea.
Can't WAIT to hear about your Christmas projects!