Friday, October 5, 2007

Potpourri Friday

So spending a few days in the mountains last week was SO what we needed. Sleeping in, eating out, visiting with good friends. We enjoyed all of it. A lot. I took come needlework along and I finished one project. I took a couple of books along and didn't even open them. We would have loved to have stayed longer and we actually could have because when we went to check out of the hotel, they had no record that we were even there! Never mind that houskeeping came every morning. Never mind that we checked IN. Never mind that we helped ourselves to their fresh baked cookies on the reception desk every evening. They just couldn't find record of it. Imagine - we could still be there enjoying room service and a beautiful room! And cookies.

The cooler weather has sparked my interest in cooking again. Especially casseroles and soups. This week we have had great evening meals like Tator Tot casserole and Chicken and Rice instead of grilled meats done on the patio. It's nice to have left-overs for lunch the next day. I find that it is easier to have family dinners together when we prepare meals that have been planned instead of impromptu meals thrown on the grill every evening.

You know how we always say things like, "I wish I had been born in the good old days"? This week someone pointed out to me that I would have been dead by now - considering that I had gall stones about 10 years ago. There was no cure for gall stones in the good old days. So I would have been dead by now. Apparently people lived until the ripe old age of about 50 back then. One of my favorite scriptures is in Acts 17:26. It says, "From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live." I'm thankful that the time He set for me was during a time when they had a way to fix gall stones!

My sewing projects are coming along well. Not as fast as I would prefer - because I'm not retired yet like some other lucky people I know who get to stay home and make beautiful things! This weekend I hope to finish the Christmas stockings I am making for Michelle and Brad. I will post a picture of them on Monday with a story of our family Christmas stockings. I just love tradition. I also ordered a new pattern and some fabric this week for another Christmas project that has to stay secret for now. But I can't wait until it gets here because I love starting new projects! I also hope to finish another LARGE project I started last winter in the next couple of weeks. It is a gift for someone who reads my blog - so I can't post about it until I give it to her. I am so pleased with it. I think she will be too.

We watched a good movie this week - The Last Sin Eater. It is based on a book written by Francine Rivers. Books are always better than movies and that is the case with this one as well. But Michael Landon, Jr. did a pretty good job with this one. I recommend it. It's a really good story. Now that the days are getting shorter and we aren't working outside as much we are watching more tv in the evenings when we are free. That is good for my crafting because I never watch tv without doing needlework. Jess and I love watching Dancing with the Stars and The Biggest Loser. With my husband I watch Survivor Man and an occasional western movie.

Oh, and one last thing. I was honored with a terrific blogging award from Angie at The Knightly News.

This is what Angie says about the award:
Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple, and the role of the disciple (per the Great Commission) is to make more disciples. The call to make disciples was not given to just the pastors....but to all---of ----us. There are many people in my life that I feel fit the category of living the life before others in such a way as to lead others to Christ through witness, various ministries, prayer and counseling. I now share this award with some of those that have influenced my life, my walk and my heart----along with countless others! Each individual has their own way of sharing Christ. Unique to themselves. Same servants heart....just different styles. That's what wins souls. We are not called to be cookie cutter Christians....but are called to live in the world He placed us in....with our personality...but His message!
Thank you Angie - you humble me. You and I share heartstrings together. But then, don't all mama's? Thank you sweet friend.
I am a rule breaker. My rebellious nature I guess. You are supposed to pass this on to 5 other people. But a while ago, I quit doing that because I just can't pick 5 people. It reminds me of the days of PE class when you had to get chosen for teams. It was always a lose-lose thing for me. If I didn't get picked first, I felt bad. If I did get picked first (which hardly ever happened) I felt bad for the others. It always left me feeling bad. So I don't pick. I'm sorry if that breaks the rules. It's just the way I am. Maybe if I undergo years of therapy someday, I will think differently about it!


Becky said...

You are so funny to sneak that little link in there. Thank you!

My tree skirt was definitely done with a pattern. It was tricky. I have never done anything curved so that was new. But I was pleased with the way it turned out and spent my morning cutting out another.

I have a friend whose daughter was married last January, and I helped out with the wedding by making papaer ornaments for the tree that was still in the reception hall. But I never gave them an official wedding gift. So I will do a tree skirt for their first Christmas together.

I had a lot of fun with the skirt. I don't need one for myself, however, because my sister in law gave me one that she had made. We have had it for 17 years and she is the one that lent me the pattern for the ones I am making now.

What impressed me is that I emailed her asking if I could borrow it. She emailed back saying she had not seen that pattern in 17 years, and it arrived in the mail 3 days later. Is that organized or what???

Have a great weekend Robin. I am sure it won't be quite as good as last weekend. That is a funny story. I wonder if you ever would have gotten charged if you just quietly left. Funny.

Karen said...

Oh, too bad you didn't find out that you weren't listed in their records until you tried to check out! I'm glad you had a wonderful, restful time.

Anonymous said...

You are right, how many times have we said we wish we had been around in the "good old days?" Who knows how many of us would be here if we had?!?! I think God placed each of us right where He wants us in time to do something specific for Him. Thanks for a fun post!

Angie said...

Robin---yes we do share heartstrings! I am "needing" some of that cooler weather! I am glad you had a good time on your little break! Jeff and I will take one the last week of October! YIPEE Can't wait!
I am SOOOOO glad to know someone else STILL makes tater tot casserole! My man loves that stuff!
Of course I like to please my man :)
Robin, thanks for saying that about not wanting to pass it on. I feel the same way, but since I am not sure about Bloggy etiquette, I passed 'em out. I have many that I enjoy reading as well. So thanks...and from now on....I will follow suit.
I love and appreciate you!

Angie said...

P.S. Glad you weren't born in the good ole days (although I have said that too)----because I would not have "met you"!!!!

Sonya said...

So glad you had a nice vacation! I think that may be just what hubby and I need. Can't wait to see the stockings!

Corrie said...

Hey Robin!
Your trip to the mountains sounds absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Glad that you had a great time. I love winter foods like casseroles and soups too!
Have a great week!

Becky said...

Robin, I looked for email for you but did not find it. I really would suggest you try the soy. Read up on it and see what the studies say. I am actually only taking half of what the studies say you can take. And I really am convinced it has made a huge difference ... overnight literally.

Chappyswife said...

I didn't know that The Last Sin Eater was done yet. I just love Francine Rivers, but that book was one of her least fav books for me. I would like to see the movie, but you are right, the books are almost always better.