Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Day in the Life

So remember when I said in the last post that the puppies due next week would probably come sooner. Boy do I know my stuff! They were born the next morning! The morning of the game. THE GAME. The first real college football game I ever had the opportunity to go to. But there is no stopping things of this nature. And my sweet dog Josey did a great job and gave birth to four puppies. Two girls and two boys. One of the little girls is LITTLE. I've always heard that when you raise Yorkies you can end up with tinies. It has never happened to me. Until now. The one little girl weighed in at a whopping one and one half ounces. OUNCES. Most of my baby yorkies average around 4 ounces. She seems like a little fighter and she tries to nurse although she doesn't have enough strength to get any milk. So we are supplementing her. And that means she eats every two hours around the clock. And yes, you are thinking correctly - I haven't had a whole lot of sleep this weekend. To be honest, I'm not sure she is going to make it but I will do whatever I can to help her. She is such a sweetie.

So be in prayer for this little baby - I really want her to survive.

And now for the game. The first college game I have ever had the opportunity to go to. I got to go! My daughter Andrea came over to puppysit. She is my right hand puppy midwife assistant - she has helped me many times. So Chuck and I put on our borrowed blue and orange and spent one of the loveliest fall days ever cheering for our team. It was so fun! I discovered that there is a whole sub-culture out there I never knew existed. There was so much more to look at than just the game. They had a fabulous band, fun cheerleaders, crazy fans, and tail-gaters galore! Confetti flew, fans cheered, and vendors cooked amazing food. Why do hotdogs always taste so good outside? I would never eat one indoors but when I'm outside they are like gourmet food. I was especially proud of our team when they knelt in prayer for an injured player from the opposing team. And we won. 42-7. I took my camera only to discover the batteries were dead. Bummer. I so wanted to share the blue turf with you. Perhaps there will be another time. There are only 3 games left of the season. One of those is in Hawaii. Now there's a game I would give my eyeteeth to go to!

And in between birthing puppies and cheering for BSU I started reading Home to Holly Springs. All I can say is "Father Tim - I hope your stories go on forever. I am crazy about you!"


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oh gosh Robin, such cute little babies!

Karen said...

Oh, what sweet little ones!

Karen said...

What a beautiful, uplifting post. Not that yours aren't usually upbeat, it's just that this one had so much to celebrate! The game sounds like it was a lot of fun. And congratulations on the new arrivals:)

Becky said...

Oh, I agree. I love Father Tim. I have always wanted to live next door to him and Cynthia. What great neighbors they would be.

He'd share his flowers when he thinned them, water mine when I was on vacation, share his tomatoes with me, and give me his recipe for pork roast.

We'd have the best talks about Jesus too. I just know it.

Your puppies are so cute. I love the picture of your tiny one. It reminds me of the picture we have of my little brother (now 40) who was 5 lbs when he was born.

My mom was in a hospital room with a mom who had a 10 lb boy and when they put them side by side and took the picture they looked exactly like those two puppies.

I hope she makes it.

I am so glad you had fun at the game. Sub culture is right. Time you were indoctrinated!!

Dawn said...

Oh, what a busy week-end! I'm glad you got to do it all. What a tiny little puppy! I hope it makes it too!

I can't wait till I get the FAther Tim book from the library. I love Becky's comments.

gail@more than a song said...

Oh your puppies are little, and cute! It seems just like having babies when you have to feed them so often, hope everything goes ok.
Love the Father Tim books.

Yes, there is always so much more going on at a ballgame, makes it so much fun! Sorry your batteries died, those would be some fun pics.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, I hope she does well and grows really fast! They are all so cute...I have two toy poodles that I'm nuts about. And I was so excited when I saw the new Jan Karon book on the shelf! I feel like I know all of them so well.

Tara said...

If Tiny makes it, can I keep her??