Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If That Doesn't Take the Cake!

Okay, an update on the cake. Paula Deen's Coconut cake. The one I spent THREE DAYS preparing for the auction. I placed it on the auction table all the while noting that Wilma K didn't bring her pumpkin roll. Things were looking good. I really thought I had a chance to make the most money for the youth group at the dessert auction. I mean really. Paula Deen's Coconut cake? How could I go wrong. I was set for success. This was going to be my year. I could feel it in my bones. Until. Until my son-in-law contracted someone in his family to make homemade caramels. Each one individually wrapped in waxed paper looking for all the world like they came from Mr. Olsen's Mercantile in Walnut Grove. They were displayed beautifully in a tall large old-fashioned jar adorned with ribbons and an ornament. Not one jar. Two jars! Two large tall old fashioned jars of homemade caramels. Life isn't fair sometimes. One jar sold for $200. The next jar sold for $175. And Paula Deen's Coconut cake? It got third place selling for $150.

Anyone have any ideas for next year?

Seriously, the auction did great and the money goes to a great cause. It is going to help fund some of our teens on a mission trip next summer. It's always a fun thing and it is a pleasure to contribute to it. The competitive spirit is all in good fun! (lest you think I'm upset with my caramel contracting son-in-law!)


Corrie said...

Hey, $150 is still great! Paula Deen has such great recipes!
Happy Thanksgiving, Robin!

Willow said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Did you make a coconut cake for yourself too?
Considering that we are at 35 degrees north latitue here and 10 miles inland from the ocean, it's not my gardening prowess that produces the tomatoes as all I have to do is remember to water regularly.

Myrna said...

Did you take a picture of your $150 cake? That cake always looks so yummy! I can't imagine making one, but I would love to have a bite or two of onw someong else ha made!

Happy thanksgiving!

Robin said...

No Myrna - I didn't get a picture ;( I didn't get a taste either. I thought about making two - but I just didn't get it done!

Becky said...

Oh ... so sorry. But $150 is nothing to be ashamed of. That son in law is shameless i tell ya.


Becky said...

Oh ... so sorry. But $150 is nothing to be ashamed of. That son in law is shameless i tell ya.


Karen said...

This reminds me of a story that would come right out of Walnut Grove! 150 bucks is great!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, Robin. I'm so thankful for you as my blogging buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom all is fair in love, war, and dessert baking. Sometimes you have to hire mercenaries to do the dirty work.


gail@more than a song said...

Some nerve, trying to outdo his MIL! Sounds like fun though.