Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Fairy Tale Come True

Last year I had the most fun writing a post for each of my daughter's on their birthday. You can find them here, here, and here. But I started doing this after my oldest daughter Michelle's special day. So this is my special tribute to her - as we are celebrating her 28th birthday this weekend!

Once upon a time in the cold, cold land of North Dakota, a little girl grew up with a dream in her heart. She wanted nothing more than to marry the King of her Heart and have lots and lots of babies. So every day she prayed to the King of all Kings that He would hear her prayer. And the King of all Kings, who delights in answering the prayers of little girls hearts, was busy watching over the growing up years of a little boy in the land of Lincoln, knowing all the time that the little boy and the little girl would be a perfect match. And He finally arranged a day that they would meet on the college campus they both chose to attend. And it wasn't long at all before they fell in love and got married and the little girl became the Queen of her Domain and lived so very happily with the King of her Heart. The King of her Heart was very busy going to school to prepare himself to be the Bearer of Good News to all the kingdom. The Queen of her Domain was lonely some of the time. And so it was decided that the time was right to begin their family and they began dreaming of little prince's and princess's that might someday bless their home. And soon the King of all Kings who always delights in answering the prayers of Queen's of their Domains hearts brought into their family a perfect little princess on a cold February day. What a delight the little princess was to her parents. She was beautiful, charming, and had lots and lots of dark hair. And she cried. A lot. The Queen of her Domain couldn't have been happier and when the little princess began to talk and say the word "mama" she just knew there could be nothing sweeter this side of the Kingdom of Heaven. She was so grateful to the King of all Kings for allowing her to be a mama - there could be no higher calling in all the land.

The princess had a personality from the very beginning and a determination to do everything early. The King and the Queen had their hands very full. And they delighted in this sweet child who blessed them every single day. The small princess continued to grow and learn and explore. She couldn't wait for the day she could ride a school bus. That day came sooner than the King or the Queen wanted, but they did their duty, bought the sweet little princess a panda bear backpack, and took her to kindergarden. The little princess loved it. The King and Queen held hands as they watched their chubby-cheeked, long blonde haired daughter enter the big school. The King and the Queen went to their first parent/teacher conference and were mildly confused to discover that the sweet little princess' desk had been moved to sit right up next to the teacher. It seems that the sweet girls vocabulary skills were SO advanced that the teacher needed to keep her close to her - at all times.

The princess grew and grew and made many friends and worked hard in school. She got her driver's license and an after school job. She started saving her money and soon bought her own car. It wasn't new, and it wasn't even pretty. But it did get her where she needed to go. And it taught her financial responsibility. And she earned the approval of her parents. She became a strong leader in her youth group and her own relationship with the King of all Kings began to flourish. While she was in high school she discovered a young prince that captured her attention. Could he be the one that would one day become the King of her Heart? Alas, it didn't seem to be working out that way. So she prayed about him. And never forgot about him.

Her parents looked upon her with such pride, knowing that in spite of them, this girl was going to go far and they sensed that the King of all Kings had a very special plan for their girls life. So when the high school senior princess graduated and expressed her desire to go to school far away to learn how to be a nurse, the King and the Queen reluctantly realized they had to let her go to persue her own dreams. Because they had enrusted her life to the King of all Kings long, long, ago, they were comforted. The far-away school in the land of California was very expensive. And the Bearer of Good News did not possess all the riches of the land. So the King and the Queen began a journey of faith that included working during the day and doing a paper route to deliver the news of the kingdom at night. They didn't sleep very much. But this journey of faith did much to increase their relationship with the King of all Kings and they watched as He over and over again provided the treasures necessary to pay for the far-away school. The young princess was on a journey of faith as well. And the King of all Kings never one time failed her. It was a time that has been recorded in the King and Queen's life as a time of rich and sweet fellowship.

The young princess fulfilled her ambition of becoming a nurse. How proud the King and Queen were of their young lady. The princess loved her parents and never failed to express her appreciation and gratitude to them. Life was very, very good. Three more princesses had made the family complete and nothing made the King and Queen happier than just being together. The day came when the princess became reacquainted with the young prince she had known in high school. This time was different. They realized they had many common dreams and goals and a love began to flourish. The young princess was so exicted that once again the King of all Kings had heard her prayers. She was realizing that the King of all Kings delights in answering the prayers of a young princess's heart. The young prince asked for her hand in marraige and a royal invitation was sent throughout the land to attend a magnificent marraige ceremony and wedding dance/reception in honor of this new union. What a happy day it was! The young princess had found the King of her Heart.

The young King of her Heart and the Queen of her Domain made their home together in a town nearby her parents. Life was very, very good. And then one day the Young King and the Young Queen gave her parents a very special gift. They announced that they were going to have a young prince or princess of their own! Rejoicing swept throughout the land and the Queen of her Domain realized she was going to be the Queen Mother! Her hands set to work immediately sewing and knitting little things for the young prince or princess.

The Queen Mother spends a lot of time reflecting on the goodness and graciousness of the King of all Kings. She marvels that He has been so very good to her by entrusting her with the life of this special princess. She stands amazed that because the King of all Kings hears the prayers of a little girl's heart, she has been blessed over and over again. She looks forward to the future with much anticipation as she watches her young Queen daughter become a mother. Because she knows that this is the highest calling in all the land. She knows that her young daughter's heart is about to be blessed in ways that cannot be written in words.

They are all definitely living happily ever after!

Happy Birthday my sweet Michelle! You have been such a blessing to my life - words will never adequately express how I feel. You are the one who made me a mama and now you are the one to make me a grandmother. You are so special to me and a day never goes by that I don't thank the King of all Kings for hearing the prayers of my heart and giving me the blessing of you.


Becky said...

What a sweet, sweet story.

Happy birthday Michelle.

Mishel said...

This was such a blessing to read Robin! Thanks for sharing...and the Lord has indeed blessed you! Happy Birthday to your daughter Michelle! : )

Karen said...

Robin, this is so absolutely beautiful. You should make it into a little book for your daughter.

Happy Birthday, Michelle:)

Lucydolls' ramblings said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! Robin, you have such a way with words, no wonder my bloggin friends all comment about my bloggin pastors wife.

Have a blessed weekend.

Angie said...

I agree about the book idea for your daughter!
Thank you Robin for praying for Wanda!

Karen said...

How cool is this! Very special.
Happy Birthday to Michelle!

Mel's Mom said...

What a sweet, sweet story (and a lovely family!)

Anonymous said...

Love the story. This is one momma who can so relate to it's every word.

Happy birthday dear daughter of Robin.

Dawn said...

I love it!!!

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! Robin, what a treasure and blessing for your daughter to read your sweet words.

gail@more than a song said...

Aww that's so sweet Robin! God is so good. I hope y'all had a good birthday celebration!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I'd be interested in winning the photo album.