Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol - A Soon to be Grandma's Guide to the Final 9

Tonight was Dolly Parton night - and who doesn't love Dolly! I think she is just the cutest thing. Except I noticed her face is looking a bit like Priscilla Presley's does these days. A few too many appointments with the Boto*x doctor I'm thinking. I wish these gorgeous women would just age the way they are meant to - there is just something very beautiful to me about aging gracefully. Ah, but let's get back to the youngsters - the stars of the evening.

Brooke White sang Jolene. I thought this was a good song choice for her - she lends herself to country very well. She had her guitar and seemed right at home. She did great.

David Cook sang Sparrow. The best thing was his new hair style - finally! He looked great! I think the contest is his to lose - he did a fantastic job arranging the song to fit his style and succeeding.

Ramiele sang Do I Ever Cross Your Mind. Ummmm....no, Ramiele, actually you don't. You seemed rather lifeless tonight. She knows she is going down soon - it's in her attitude.

Jason sang Traveling Through. I loved it. It seems Jason always does his best when he sings songs that reflect spiritual matters. I'm wondering if this boy knows Jesus. Dolly seemed to like him too.

Carly sang Here You Come Again. She has an incredible voice and whether she wins this show or not - she had made a career for herself. But tonight I thought she seemed to drag on this song.

David sang Smoky Mountain Memories. I could listen to this guy sing all night. He is just good. He did an incredible job tonight.

Kristy Lee sang Coat of Many Colors. Like Ramiele, she just didn't have any spark to her performance. I want to like this girl but there is something in her attitude that rubs me wrong.

Sayesha made a VERY bold choice and sang I Will Always Love You. It bothers me that the judges don't like the contestants to sing songs that have been mastered by professionals. No body thinks they will do better, but I applaud their courage to try. And Sayesha did a good job on a very difficult song choice. I thought she should have gotten more credit from the judges.

Michael sang It's All Wrong But It's Alright in a very blue-sy style. It was good, and a nice change from his previous performances. But something just didn't fit. I think he was just a bit out of his element tonight.

Have you noticed we are all on a first name basis now?

I predict the bottom three will be:

I predict the one to leave will be:

But don't lost sleep Ramiele over my predictions - I haven't gotten one right yet so you are probably safe.

And it just didn't seem right without Chickezie tonight. I wonder what song he would have picked?

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Sara said...

I'm with you with Ramiele.

Come Check Out Mine Please

Becky said...

I vote for you! You got it right on.

gail@more than a song said...

LOL, my hubby said the SAME thing about Dolly's face looking like Pricilla's! We watched it late last night after I got in...you're right on again. I think Ramiele will go tonight and the site I look at has her, Jason and Kristy in the bottom too but Carly could be in bottom too. Ramiele's time has come.
David A....really good and YES on David C's hair! Much better.

Angie said...

Didn't watch it! Sorry! But I just had to pop over and ask you if you have read the most recent "mitford" book---which is not about Mitford at all...but "Home to Holly Springs" I think is the name...anyway, I just finished it...and WANT to discuss w/someone that has read it and that loves Father Tim as much as I DO!!!

Barb said...

I love Dolly too. I didn't love the show and you know, I don't think I like it that these kids are forced to sing one artist's songs each week. I guess there's a reason, but really, Dolly is country and so many of these kids aren't.

And I agree with you. It makes me sad. Priscilla and Dolly - both absolutely beautiful women who would continue to be beautiful if only they knew how to age gracefully.