Friday, April 4, 2008

Potpourri Friday

Even though our weather has been so cold and dreary, I decided to fill my birdfeeders about a week ago. These poor little birdies must have been so hungry! They have been so happy to get their breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I have dozens of these sweet little American Goldfinches that come to dine all day long. Of course nothing delights Josey and Pebbles more than to have someone open the patio door so they can bark at them and chase them all away. I think it's a sure sign that spring is here. And I couldn't be more glad about that.

I can hardly believe that I am going to type these next words. I don't have anything on my calendar for the weekend. Well, out of the ordinary weekend things like church, housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, you know - regular stuff. But I don't have any events or meetings that I have to be at. And that makes me happy. Very happy.

Except I do have to set aside some time to finish our taxes. That doesn't make me very happy. But it will be a good thing to get it done and behind me for another year.

Tonight we are going to celebrate my baby's birthday. She is 18 years old today. My husband and I are walking around in disbelief. I wrote this post for her last year. This fall she will move into her dorm room and we will go back home and cry a bit and look at each other for a while and try to figure out how to live together - just the two of us again. I'm hoping that having grandbabies by then will help us out.

Speaking of grandbabies, this week I took a day off of work to help my daughter Michelle paint her baby nursery. And if you know how much I hate to paint - that would impress you. We called my mom to come and join us because apparently we don't share the same genetic code, as she loves to paint. So the four of us, me, my mom, my daughter, and my grandbaby painted the room a beautiful soft, creamy, buttery yellow. And then we striped it with a shade darker yellow. And it is beautiful. This weekend the carpet is being installed. And then the crib will go in. And then we will decorate with all the pretty layette items I have been sewing. And then all we will need is the baby to go in the nursery. We can hardly wait.

And Andrea had an ultrasound she wasn't expecting. She went to a regular appointment and she was not able to hear the heartbeat. And the doctor, who could hear the heartbeat, said she would never let a mother leave without hearing the heartbeat. I love that about her doctor. So she took her to the ultrasound room. Now Andrea's husband had not gone with her to her appointment, but her dad had taken her and was waiting out in the car. So Andrea ran out and got him and he got to see the baby. I told him that was not fair. But we were so happy to see such a pretty, healthy little baby in the pictures. They couldn't tell what it was - it didn't cooperate with that. But I think its little face looks like a girl. Andrea and Jayson want to know what it is so maybe next month they will try again to see what the baby is.

I'm still the only one who knows what Michelle and Brad are having. It has been fun to know and I swear I can't go by a baby department in the store without buying something.

Well, after the birthday party tonight, I'm going to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Except for the taxes part of it. But I'm looking forward to all the rest. Have a great weekend y'all!


Mishel said...

ENJOY your weekend! : )

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed your post and the joy I can hear in your words. The nursery sound devine. Where are the pictures?!!!!

Dawn said...

Yah - where are the pictures? I suppose you're waiting to have it all finished.

Did Andrea have the 3-D ultrasound? Those are so amazing. Remember seeing Emma's - she looked so much like Feisty we couldn' believe it!