Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It Doesn't Pay to Run Out of Coffee Creamer

Let's just say you run out of coffee creamer. And milk. Hypothetically speaking of course.

And let's just pretend that it's Monday morning and you have to go back to work after spending a glorious two weeks taking care of your daughter and new grandbaby. And let's just imagine that even though your husband promised to go to the store and get some coffee creamer, he forgot wasn't able to fit it into his schedule. And suppose you got into your car that has been sitting in the garage for two weeks and you realize you don't have enough gas to get to work. I would imagine that everyone would come to the same conclusion. Let's just get gas at the local convenience store that also has one of those flavored coffee machines. Right?

Sure, I thought so.

Okay, suppose you are pumping the gas and you realize you are running short of time. So you come up with the idiotic brilliant idea to leave the gas pumping and just run in really quick and purchase your coffee. Because your husband forgot didn't have time to buy the creamer he promised to buy. And black coffee doesn't work. At all.

Continuing in our hypothetical situation, just imagine how you would feel when as you are paying for your much desired coffee, a man runs in the store yelling at someone to "STOP THAT PUMP!". Can you imagine what it would be like to look out the window and see your car surrounded by a lake of gasoline. A non-hypothetical $4 per gallon gasoline lake at that.

Just imagine having to pay for five extra gallons of gasoline that you will never get to use. It is so very, very sad.

And can you also see in your mind how you would have to wade through the gasoline lake just to be able to get into your car? As many customers are looking on - some sympathetically, some incredulously. Are you able to fathom what that does to one's shoes? And how the horrible odor of fuel will remind you all day long of what a total idiot you were? And how said fumes would give you an incredible headache just to make double sure you don't forget what an idiot you are.

I'm sure you can imagine with me that this morning, realizing that we still are out of creamer - and milk I had a choice to make. How do I want my coffee?

Regular please.

Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it -yet.
Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Groaning for you picturing all of this... hypothetically speaking of course. :-)

And just to distract you and help to get your mind off of things, my daughter is reading Anne of Green Gables as her last book report of the year. Tomorrow is a new day indeed!

If it's any consolation, if I lived closer I would bring you some coffee creamer... :-)

Karen said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRANDBABY!!!!! There's absolutely nothing like them. Your post brough tears to my eyes because I felt very much the same way.
Oh, and since I'm leaving a comment on this post instead of the other one, I would not be a nice person at all if my creamer was all out. Or sugar. Can we say bear?! :o)

Karen said...

There's nothing worse (well, maybe, but I can't think of anything right now) than smell of gasoline. Except that it's $4 a gallon. Oh, dear, what a terrible thing to happen. Whatever happened to automatic shut off valves?! I'm with you on the cream in my coffee. There's just no other way.

Lisa B. said...

You should have gone to Starbucks......you would never of left your car. :)

Bunny Trails said...

OH MY GOSH, Robin!!! One day you'll probably laugh at this . . . just not sure WHICH day that might be. I'm so sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I lost a hundred dollar bill at the zoo a couple of years ago. :(

I just really hoped that it fell in the lion exhibit and he ate it. Being the selfish person that I sometimes am, I didn't want someone else to have it! LOL!! Like God shouldn't bless another person with my stupidity.

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness! What a way to end a wonderful two week wonderful time off (I can't believe you got to do that!)

But I don't have to imagine the smell and the headache. I do have to imagine wanting coffee with creamer that badly! I know others who do, but not me! That turned out to be a very expensive non-cup of coffee!

I hope the rest of the week is better. I love the Anne quote! I need to read them AGAIN.