Friday, July 11, 2008


Well I didn't plan to be MIA for over a week - but somehow it happened.

But what a week it has been.

My girl from Boston came home for a whole week. We don't get to see her often so we soak in every single minute we can. It is always such a pure delight to have all four of our girls home at the same time. It's better than vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips on top on a hot summer day!

But I can probably explain my absence best in three words.

V. B. S.

Yep, it's that week around here. But this year was the very best ever and this is why. I took on the complete and total responsibility of babysitting my little grandson every single night so his mama and daddy could be pirates at the Bible school. It's been amazing. Every night we snuggle and play. I give him a bath with the best smelling baby bath in the entire world.

If you haven't tried this - well, you just have to. It is amazing! And when you rub it on baby skin - well, it's like you just died and went to heaven. It's that good.

After his bath, I give him a bottle. It's so sweet. If he gets a little fussy we just go outside. He loves outside. He calms right down and looks all around. He smiles and coos. He is the perfect grandson. He is. And I am 100%, completely, totally in love with the little guy. My heart just melts into a puddle of mush whenever I lay eyes on him. My girl Tara said it best. She said, "He just makes my heart hurt mom."

We are all going around here with our hearts hurting. And it's never felt so good.

I promise to be back blogging next week with more regularity. And maybe even some pictures.

Happy weekend!


Becky said...

It seems to me that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Wonderful fun! I am so glad you are having a nice visit with your daughter. What a treat.

And to babysit every night this week! WOW! What grandma would want anything else.

And ... by the way ... that job is so much easier than being in charge of VBS. Whew! You dodged a bullet on that one.

Have a great weekend.

Judy said...

Oh, I miss the smell of baby! Molly seems so big these days! But, mmmm, the smell of sunscreen slathered all over her sweet, perfect skin takes a close second to the baby bath. I love these hot, lazy (or not so lazy) days of summer!

Dawn said...

The best place to be during VBS - home babysitting!

Our girlies love outside, too. We took them downtown for the cherry pie festival tonight (turned out to be WAY too many people in line, so we didn't get a piece after all), but they were just in their glory looking at the sky and enjoying the air.

There's nothing better than a baby right out of the bath - I"m going to do that tomorrow morning when I have the babes for the morning.

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

We used that baby smell good on my daughter. We still even buy it now and then for her bath's. What a fantastic time it sounds like you are having!

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Karen said...

I think your time away from blogging is well spent! How lucky for grandma and grandson to have that time together. I love it -- he makes my heart hurt:)

Truth4thejourney said...

I'm so glad you've enjoyed your family this week! Making memories is so importatn.

While reading this post it made me think of God, our Father. How much He loves us. How His heart hurts for us and how much He longs to spend time with us, just doing the little things together. :)

SheilaDy said...

Robin-I used that same baby soap and lotion on my now 6 year old daughter, and I agree, it is delicious!!!

I still slather her in the lotion after her bath! She likes the smell of it!

Enjoy your baby grandson!
(Lisa Patrick's niece)

Tiffany said...

We miss you very much and your blogs too! I totally understand what you mean by V.B.S. Ours really took a lot out of me with all the other things on top of it but it was so much fun and to see the kids get blessed the way they did was worth the craziness!! See you next week!

Barb said...

I sure understand. I was MIA for almost TWO weeks, for the same reason. Kids and grandkids. It's not very hard to figure out which is the priority - your children or your blog. LOL

Good for you, and welcome back!

Julie Fink said...

How wonderful you are!

Anonymous said...

How funny...when I saw MIA on your blog, my first thought was Grandma...Isn't that the name you decided to be called? a random thought.