Thursday, July 24, 2008

Potpourri Friday

A while back when I first discovered I was going to be a grandmother, I wrote a post about how I was pondering my "grandma name". I wanted something different and unique that would fit me. Grandma last- name sounded too formal, grandma first-name didn't sound right either. I liked Nana but it is too used.

After searching and trying names out I finally chose Mia. And I like it. It is short. It will be easy for the babies to say. And it just sounds special to me.
To my ear it sounds close to mama (my favorite name in the world). It's different but the same if you know what I'm trying to say.
My son-in-law wasn't sure about it until we found out that Mario of the video game world calls his grandma Mia. I think that helped him. :)

After writing my post back then I was really surprised at the strong feelings people have about grandma names. Some think grandma is the only name appropriate. Some thought my quest was ridiculous. Some folks thought I was being a bit too stupid concerned about it. I got a lot of opinion about it in real life too. But interesting enough, I have been amazed that the most popular google search that brings people to my blog is "grandma names". Just yesterday I had 11 searches that found my blog that way. It totally amazes me. In fact if you google "grandma names" you will find dozens of web pages about it. Here is just one of the fun articles. So apparently I am not the only grandma out there looking for that special name! I'm not sure that there isn't some kind of way to make some money off this. Maybe I should write a book about the whole topic!

And many thanks to all of you who shared your books suggestions for babies with me. I can't wait to go book shopping for Tyler and Ava Claire. You all shared such wonderful books and I have made a list to carry with me. One real life friend even brought me two pages of books including color pictures of the covers! You are all too good to me!

Speaking of books, the other day I wrote this post. I was totally surprised to find a comment from Nancy herself thanking me for my review of her books! My goodness. This blogging thing is really something! I have no idea how she found my blog.

Well wait a minute. Now that I think about it, maybe she was googling grandma names!

Anyway, if I had known she was going to read my review I would have spent much more time on it and tried to sound more savvy or something! But it sure made me feel special that a real-life published author would stop by and visit me. And I really do like those books. Thanks Nancy for stopping by!

This week, after a long break, I got back into my sewing room. And guess what? I started sewing pink! It might sound funny but sewing pink has an entirely different feeling than sewing blue. I have started Ava Claire's quilt that is actually the girl companion quilt to the one I made for Tyler.
Tyler's has sailboats and Ava Claire's will have flowers. I just feel so blessed to have a grandson and a soon-to-arrive granddaughter. People always told me "Just wait. It is the most incredible thing." And they were right it is. Like nothing else I have ever experienced. I can't wait till little Ava Claire gets here - I'm dying to see what she looks like!

This has been quite a week for me. My sweet dog Josey gave birth to five little puppies last weekend and one of them has been struggling. He just will not nurse. Josey kept taking him out of the box which is never a good sign. So my daughter Jess and I have been taking turns tube feeding him every three hours around the clock. I'm still worried about him. He is not losing weight but he isn't gaining anything either. His brothers and sister are double his size now. He stays at 3 1/2 ounces. So small. But he remains active. And as long as he is trying I will keep trying too. This is definitely the down side of breeding puppies. And after spending so much time and worry on the little guy, if he makes it, I have to sell him. It's hard not to get attached to the ones who fight so hard to live.

My husband is coming home today! He spent the week at Boy's Camp being the chaplain. The theme was The Wild West, so he took his horses up with him and for each sermon he included an object lesson that he shared about training horses. He called earlier this week and he was so excited because the boys are just loving it. In fact at the first chapel service he said about 3/4's of them responded to his altar call! He said he was just so surprised that in this technological world that there were so many kids still interested in outdoor things. Maybe the fact that they were up in the mountains with no tv's, iPods, or video games, helped them see that there is more to life than electronics.

This will be a short weekend for me as I have to work on Saturday. Bummer. But I will try to find the time to write a little, sew a little, and read a little.

Happy weekend!


Dawn said...

Sorry you have to work tomorrow! What's special - time for testing again?

That's neat that you got a message from the author. I need to look those books up - I have so many on my list right now that it's crazy.

Tomorrow's the funeral - really sad day ahead.

dianne - bunny trails said...

When I write potpourri-type posts, I feel like people won't want to read all that. Yet I totally enjoy reading them when others write them. Feels like sitting down together for a visit.

I'm excited to see how your quilt turns out. I hope the sweet little puppy thrives. Excited that your husband's coming home.

Have a blessed weekend, even though you'll be working tomorrow. :D

Angie said...

Had to come by and see what you were up to! AND I see! Glad to see you are doing well "Mia"---and yes, I felt the same way you did. I wanted a name especially for me. Mamo was my mother's mother---Granny was my dad's. And they both fit. But I wasn't a Mamo---nor a Granny. My mother is "Grandleria" (form of her name) and I am Nana. It fits me I think. My Mamo was a most incredible woman of faith in God. I could only hope to be half as much. She could pray the fire down. I am striving.
I miss you Robin!!! Our newest and last grandbaby will be here in September. April has just found out she has gestational diabetes---say a prayer for her and her hubby.

Karen said...

I "get it" that sewing pink just feels different than blue. When I had my girl after having two boys, all the baby stuff seemed all brand new. Even if it WAS new, it just felt different. I'll bet the pink quilt is beautiful. Can't wait to see a picture!

Amy Jo said...

You've been tagged. Come to my blog to see what that's all about. Love, Amy

Kelli said...

Mia is sweet! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Truth4thejourney said...

You know, picking the right name for your grandchildren to call you is fine, but that is no guarantee! My sister had a name all picked out and her granddaughter calls her, GiGi?? Noone knows why? Also, my oldest sister called my grandmother, Geeyah. So to this day that's what we all call her! I hope the name sticks, but my point is, don't get real attached to it until he can say it! :) You are a gem and I know they will be so blessed to have you as their grandmom, no matter what the name.

Mishel said...

I like Mia. I had a hard time deciding what to be called as well. I really liked Grammie, but my mom is Grammie (to my kids). So we decided I would go ahead and be Grammie--and my mom is GeeGee (Great Grammie). But the really funny thing is...Troy rarely calls me Grammie! Somewhere along the way he called me "Nuh" and it has stuck. Go figure! : )

gail@more than a song said...

I think Mia is cute!
My oldest wanted me to be GeeGee when his baby was born; I hesitated too long and Grayson came out with DeeDee instead b/c he couldn't say g sounds..I've tried to change them to say geegee but have had no luck!