Friday, August 29, 2008

Potpourri Friday

What a week it has been. Clearly life is not meant to slow down - even when you have an empty nest.

Last week we moved our last daughter into her dorm room and headed off to our church family camp. My sister and I were in charge of putting together an activity for the weekend. We chose The Amazing Race. It was a huge scavenger type hunt that involved physical activity, mental activity, and of course, eating weird foods. Overall it turned out well, but I think it was too intense and too structured for some of the people at camp who simply wanted to relax. And it was totally exhausting for my sister and I. But we got up at 5:00 am on Sunday morning and drove the 3 hour trip home so I could attend some of the parent/student events at the University with my daughter. I'm really glad I did that because it was important that I be with her that day.

Being so tired from the weekend didn't help me emotionally. It has been a hard week facing her leaving. Some of you know that she is only 25 miles away from home living at the University that I work at.

I'm a baby.

But I can't tell you how different our home feels. It's all good. Just different.

Then I started school. I signed up to take a Magazine Writing class. It's an upper division class and I don't think I knew what I was signing up for. My professor said on the first day that it is a goal of the class to be published by the end of the semester.

That seems doubtful to me.

But I'm going to give it my best shot. It's a bit intimidating to be a 49 year old in a class of 20 year olds. It's a bit uncomfortable being older than the professor. Oh well. We are actually going on a field trip next week! That just cracks me up.

Next weekend I'm hosting my daughter Andrea's baby shower. Have you noticed the little ticker up there showing how close she is getting. Only about 4 more weeks until I get to hold little Ava Claire. I am excited beyond words about that. My poor Andrea started her kindergarden class this week. Can you imagine teaching kindergarden for the first time being 8 months pregnant? Yesterday was her first day and she said her feet felt like stumps. I'm spending my Labor Day weekend working on my quilts for her shower. I know I'll get one down but the second one might have to be wrapped unfinished to be finished later.

Oh and my little Tyler got his first haircut. Imagine, three months old and getting a first haircut! He is such a kick. His hair really just stands up like this all by itself!
He is such a good little baby. And he knows me now! When he sees me he breaks into the biggest smile and snuggles his head into my shoulder. Talk about turning into a puddle of mush. He is the most snuggly little guy you could ever imagine.

And then to top it all off, I purchased an airline ticket to go to Washington DC with my sister for a week at the end of October. Yes, I'm flying again. Darn it. But I have an opportunity to go with her on her business trip and it's not going to cost me hardly anything. My ticket was paid for because after my fiasco on the flight to the She Speaks conference I was given a voucher from the airline to pay for it. I can stay in her room free and her eating stipend is enough to pay for both of us. How could I not go?

My husband made an observation this week. He commented that all of our family members are in transition of some kind of another right now. And it's true. He and I are adjusting to an empty nest. Michelle and Brad are adjusting to a new baby. Jayson and Andrea are adjusting to new jobs, full-time school for Jayson, and a new baby arriving in 4 weeks. Tara is adjusting to her new internship in San Francisco, and Jessica is adjusting to college. Whew! I'm thinking we are really going to enjoy that Florida vacation come Christmas.

Okay, I'm really tired now - just writing about all that's going on! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend - I hope it's restful for all of us.


Dawn said...

That is a lot of transition at one time! Four weeks till giving birth and she got a teaching job? That's amazing! My niece is in somewhat the same position out in Washington state.

So Tara has gone all across the country to do her internship? How did she mnage that? I hope she loves it.

And going to DC in October - couldn't be better! I've had the privilege twice of being there while DC was in meetings and classes - what fun to explore and experience the "underground" transportation. You'll love it - it is such a beautiful time there!

There's nothing better than that snuggling, that's for sure! And there's absolutely nothing better than those toothless grins of recognition! I can't believe he already has had a haircut!

Truth4thejourney said...

I have no doubt you'll be published, and probably blow away those 20 year olds! I've read your work, you've got talent!

Love you!

gail@more than a song said...

You have had a lot happening! Hope you enjoy the weekend!
I've often said I don't know how it's possible that I seem busier now with4 kids gone than when they were at home, weird how that works.
You'll show all those college kids how it's done!
Sounds like some fun trips planned too.

Barb said...

Your family really is all going through a lot of adjustments right now, Robin. Thankfully, though, you're all adjusting to good things. It's good that your daughter is away at school now, even if it's only 25 miles away.

Believe me, I know the emotions you're going through. I know how different the house feels when the nest is suddenly empty. It took me months to adjust. For one thing, I never knew a telephone could be so quiet!

Just Me said...

Wow have ALOT of stuff going on - I got tired just reading about it! Our house is also slowly emptying out. We only hvae two girls left at home and one of them is heading ot univercity possibly after January - she needs to work a bit to earn some moolah! But..I loved the idea of you doing the writing course -Im wanting to do the same thing this year, just haven't been as commited as you, and actually signed up for one! Also..would you be willing to share your Amazing Race ideas etc. - sounds like something I'd like to do with our church? Let me know!

Dawn said...

I just reread your first sentence - life doesn't slow down for retirement either! Crazy.

I should take a writing class. I tried to get into one when I was at the university and could take it free, but I couldn't get in! Too many students.

Mishel said...

Wow! You do have a lot going on...and a lot of transition. Like you said, it's all good, but it's different. You are entering another season of life! : ) And I'm really proud of you for taking that class and being willing to give it shot. I'm rooting for you!