Monday, October 20, 2008

Washington DC - Day One

This morning I decided to look for a yarn shop.  So I flagged a taxi, (I love how that sounds so I'm going to say it again.) 
I flagged a taxi.  
And who knew there is a yarn shop on Capitol Hill?  Maybe Laura can go to a yarn shop after all.
Unfortunately it was 9 am and the yarn shop doesn't open on Mondays until noon.  I could have flagged another taxi, but the day was beautiful and I decided I could find my own way back to the hotel.  So I took off down Constitution Avenue and here are some of the sights I saw:

Not your typical Monday morning walk.

I met my sister for lunch and we took the metro to downtown DC and ate lunch at The Hardrock Cafe. We shared a plate of fajitas that was to die for. In fact, we have decided that we will be going there again this week. We parted ways since she had to get back to her conference. I found the Ford Theatre, although I was disappointed to discover it was closed for renovations. However, the house across the street where President Lincoln died was open. It truly amazes me how such strong emotion is evoked when I see these places where people lived and died so many years ago. Of course I never knew this man, but I felt such sadness and loss when I viewed the room he died in. A true American hero.

After that I took the blue line and went to Arlington Cemetery.

I was five years old the day President Kennedy died. I lived in Florida. And I distinctly remember it happening. I remember sitting on my grandfather's lap as we watched the funeral procession. I remember him explaining to me what the empty boot on the horse meant. I remember seeing the horse drawn caisson proceed. I remember seeing Mrs. Kennedy grieve so bravely and I clearly remember watching Caroline Kennedy because she was so close to my age and she had just lost her daddy. I remember seeing the grave at Arlington Cemetery and the vision of the eternal flame fascinated me.

Today I saw that eternal flame in person. And it was moving. So very moving.

For a moment today I was five years old again, sitting on my grandpa's lap.

Back to the hotel where I met my sister. We went to Union Station to have dinner. Union Station is where the Amtrak train is of course, so we were on the lookout for Mr. Biden because he takes the train back and forth to work everyday. We didn't find him. But if I would have seen him I would have told him he ought to consider taking the metro because those train prices - well, they ain't cheap! I figure he pays about $200 a day for transportation.

So off we went to view the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and The Vietnam Memorial.

This city. It's something else.


Renna said...

I've never been to DC, but hope to someday visit there, so much to see!

I also remember quite clearly the day President Kennedy was shot, and seeing his daughter, Caroline on tv and feeling sad for her. I was in the 2nd grade at the time.

Becky said...

You sound just like me at DC. I was so awed.

And Arlington, the grave of JFK, just the same. Goose bumps and back to (for me) 7 years old.

We ate at that Hardrock cafe. The same one! And we saw Lincoln's pillow with his blood, and the Ford Theatre. Did you go to the museum downstairs? Or perhaps that was closed as well.

Anyway, you are having a great time. Enjoy!!

gail@more than a song said...

It is a great city, and you got some great shots! I loved seeing all those places when we went, Arlington is something else indeed. We almost got locked in there one night on one trip there! The last time we were in DC a couple of summers ago, we tried to visit the Ford Theater, I think it was closed then too! The house where he died would have been open but it was so hot that day, they closed because of no air conditioning if I remember correctly.
Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Anonymous said...

Im glad you are having fun but I miss my mommy!! :) -Jess

Karen said...

This is fun, seeing DC and all its history. We are about the same age, and I remember watching the funeral on TV. It's been so long since I was there in DC, there are a lot of new things, like the Vietnam Memorial. I would love to go back someday. It looks like you're having beautiful weather for walking and seeing the sites. Looking forward to your next update!

Anonymous said...

It is great seeing you have so much fun! So much of our countries history and future is wrapped in DC. I only wish I was there to enjoy and experience it with you.I Love! CR

Dawn said...

Wow, I have missed 3 posts - and they have brought back such good memories. I love that city - wish I could go again in the fall. It sounds like you're doing just what I did - it's great finding your way around there by yourself.

I was a junior in high school when Kennedy was killed - makes me feel old to hear you were only 5!