Thursday, November 6, 2008

He Amazes Me

I think that if we took a vote on the best season of the year, Autumn would win - hands down. How does one not notice the incredible beauty and creativity of the Creator. The colors. The crispness. The changing of the guard as trees stand in salute of the greenery that has protected them through the intense heat and long days of summer. It is truly breathtaking.

This tree stands in my backyard and I absolutely love it. The picture doesn't do it justice. I believe it is a Cardinal Ash. It grows these beautiful orange berries all summer long that turn to red. The leaves turn yellow and red before they drop leaving the berries exposed all winter long. The first year we had this tree I kept waiting for the berries to drop too, and worried about what kind of mess I would have. Oddly, they never dropped, but continued to deepen in color. And apparently in sweetness. Because once the birds come back in the spring they descend on this tree and within a day or two all the berries are gone. Just in time to sprout new buds.

Isn't God amazing? Have you ever marveled at the detail He uses in His creation? Don't you think He just gets a kick out of His work? I just picture Him delighted and thrilled by the adoration of His handiwork as it glorifies Him each and every moment. And knowing that I am (we are) His prized accomplishment, most favorite of all that He made - well that thought just pretty much makes my head hurt. It's too much to think about.

What a mighty God I serve.


Dawn said...

So beautiful - and so true. I absolutely love autumn. There are still beautiful trees here, though many have lost their leaves.

And His enjoyment of His creation - what a wonderful thought.

Truth4thejourney said...

You are so right on here Robin. The other evening, I was driving out at dusk and I looked over at the neighbors woods and said, "oh no, the neighbors woods are on fire!" Then I realized it was the amazing sunset that was glowing so incredibly with color it looked as if the woods were lit up with fire!

God is amazing.

gail@more than a song said...

So pretty! I've got one in my yard I've been trying to take a picture of too, and can't get the picture to turn out like I think the tree looks!
I love to see them when the sun is shining brightly on them.

Sweet Mummy said...

We had a nice long fall for a change this year. Not as much rain to start off with so we actually kept our leaves on the trees a bit longer. And WOW was it pretty! I love the explosion of colors. And my birthday is in the fall, too, so it's a good time all around!!