Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fave 5

Time for a Friday round-up of the best five things of the week. Susanna at Living to Tell the Story does such a great job with this. Go there to read more or add your own. It's fun!

My five favorite things of this week:

Yay! I found my camera! I looked for that thing all week long. It's not good to be a grandmother without a camera - you can be sure that those babies looked their cutest and made the sweetest faces all week long. And all I have to remember them by is my faulty memory. Bad grandma. But last night I finally found it. Under the cushion of the chair of course. Isn't that where every lost thing finds its way?

This week we had our annual church board/staff Christmas party. Every year I make them each a Christmas ornament as a small token thankyou for all the love and care they provide for us and our family throughout the year. Of course, this ornament must be different than the ones I make for my daughters. We have been in our church for 20 years now, and as you can imagine it is getting harder and harder to find ornaments to make. Last year my good bloggy friend The Butler's Wife gave me the perfect idea. She made these last year, and was even sweet enough to send me one!

So I made a whole flock of these sweet little doves to give away. I only have three little birds left - but everyone loved them. And I enjoyed making them. One of the very best things about blogging is the wonderful friends you meet and the creativity they share. Thanks Becky! You made lots of people smile!

Toasted cheese sandwiches have been a favorite this week. I don't know why but I have just been craving them lately. So I have had them for supper three days this week. One of the good things about having an empty nest!

My mailbox. It is so convenient to have our mail delivered right to our house. We have lived in places before where you have to go to the post office to get your mail. I like this so much better. I think I often take for granted these little conveniences.

Last night my husband was gone and I was home alone so I indulged myself by watching one of my most favorite Christmas specials - Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

I love that animated little show - and most people in my family don't care to watch it with me anymore. So I had fun. And I look forward to watching it with Tyler and Ava Claire someday.

Have a wonderful weekend. I haven't decided yet if I'm doing the bloggy tour of homes. I haven't even put up my tree yet! But I'll be sure to come and visit those who do.


Willow said...

The little ornaments are sweet!

Great fave fives! I hope to get mine up later today.

nikkipolani said...

I think I should be lost without my camera! Glad you found yours :-) Mmmm, toasted cheese sandwiches sound wonderful. Maybe with a cup of tomato soup!

Bev said...

The ornaments are sweet, sweet! They have such a nice, nostalgic look to them. Like you, we dont have the tree up yet, hopefully this weekend. I've been too busy baking cookies and sewing up a storm. Glad you found the camera, this is a terrible time of year to be without it!

The Correspondent said...

I like your list, Robin.

Congratulations on finding your camera!

I love Santa Claus is Coming to Town. What a classic!

Susanne said...

Hey, my remote wouldn't be under that couch cushion would it? :vD

Glad you found your camera. I'd be very sad if that went missing.

Those ornaments are really sweet!

Karen said...

I'm admiring the ornaments, too. They look like iced cookies:) I love the old Christmas shows, too. It sounds like you had a nice evening, relaxing and enjoying being by yourself. Ahhh.

Dawn said...

They are adorable! Blogland is full of such talented and wonderful friends. I saw the sweet dove on Becky's post today. Lots of work in that embroidery. You've been very busy!

I'm glad you're having a cantata and that you're the narrator. I love singing in cantatas.

Barb said...

Your doves are so sweet. She sent me one too and I even bought all the stuff I need to make them, but with the sewing for the shop, I just never got it done. So I plan to get my materials out today and make some. For my own tree. And my daughters will love these too.

My guilty movie secret is the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol. I always end up watching it alone because it's not my family's favorite. But it wouldn't be Christmas to me without that one special movie.

Merry Christmas, Robin.

Becky said...

Robin! Your birds are wonderful! They turned out so well.

You know, I did not even have a bird for my own tree, but I found one half done a week ago and finished if off FOR ME. Yay ! I also have your lovely ornament from last year on my tree, along with the santa stars you shared. I was all thankful all over again.

Pictures Monday for the tour. I just finished doing the post while I had the house to myself. That takes awhile.

Happy decorating, and a great list for this week.

And I am laughing out loud at Susanne's comment. Look for my son's car keys while you are at it :)

Spring Fricks said...

Hi Robin,

Yeah, I'm back in the blogging world.

I love your ornaments and you just don't know how incredibly impressed I am that you have made a different one for 20 years. That is Greek to me as I am so not crafty but really wish I was.

Have a great Sunday.

Dawn said...

I have an award and a meme for you - come on over and check it out!

elizabeth said...

I'm so happy that Barb linked to this post. I always make an ornament for my kids and this year just didn't find anything that inspired me. I'm going to google and see if I can find a bird pattern because this looks doable even with short notice! Thanks dear. :)

skoots1mom said...

love your little you have a pattern?

i've craved various soups this week...

i'm shopping today for presents to send to NC family...

enjoyed sharing with our senior high teenagers at retreat this past weekend in the north georgia was cold but it was beautiful!

hava gr8 week...thanks for coming by!