Thursday, January 8, 2009

BIG Project 2009 and a Contest!

Still being on the quest of "Big Project 2009", as promised I have pictures of my options. Study them carefully and then vote on what project you think I should attempt.

But first, I wanted to share a Christmas present I was given by a dear friend. It is a most amazing book of Christmas crafts, recipes, and millions of ideas. It's called Gooseberry Patch - Christmas All Through the House. It is so large I can only browse through a few pages at a time before I get "idea overload"! I have already earmarked a few pages that I am going to save for next this Christmas.

The recipes have beautiful pictures and easy to follow directions. Just look at the presentation - it's all so beautiful.

These truffles caught my eye - I think they will make beautiful Christmas gifts for friends at work.

This red/white quilt jumped off the page at me. Definitely going into my "future project" pile of ideas.

Every time I browse through this book I think of Barb. Barb, I think you need a copy of this book.

Okay, onto "BIG project 2009".

Choice Number One - Western Wallhanging
This actually isn't a BIG project but a couple of years ago my husband bought me this quilt/wallhanging kit. He never buys me quilt/wallhanging kits. Obviously the western decor spoke to him. My plan for it is to change the cowgirl into a cowboy. Because I am not the roper in this family and everyone would be confused if they saw a wallhanging with a cowgirl on it. Since the cowperson on the quilt is just a silhouette I think it will be an easy thing to do. Also, you may notice that the border has different blocks of brands. I thought it would be fun to collect all the brands that belong to our friends and church people and applique their brands onto the wallhanging. Then I would give it to my husband to hang in his office. Because everyone would be confused if I hung western decor in my country french decorated house.

Choice #2 - Felt Advent Kits

I purchased these this year with my two sweet grandbabies in mind. They really won't be able to use them themselves for a couple or three years so I don't feel like it is a big rush to get them done. But I wanted to buy them because they were on sale and I didn't know if I would be able to find them again in two or three years. I love that they have the nativity scene on them - I like to try to keep as much of Jesus in Christmas as I can. I would change the pattern a little bit and make pockets for each of the little figures to fit into. It seems that it would be easier to keep track of them that way. I know if it were my house I would end up losing one or two of the little figures, or the dog would eat them. Definitely pockets.

Option #3 - Prayer Quilt/Wallhanging

This was a gift to me from the ladies in my church. I have seen it finished and I just love it. It is a beautiful wallhanging that has lots of little prayers embroidered into several of the blocks. If you click on the picture I think you can read the prayers. The colors are so fun and I can't wait to see this hanging in my living room.

Option #4 or #5 - Cross Stitch pictures

Many years ago I collected every issue of this wonderful cross-stitch magazine. Every single issue had at least one thing in it that I wanted to make. Over time the magazine sold out to a bigger company who started running advertising in it and the quality of the magazine decreased. Now they are out of business. But I held onto every issue - they are some of my treasures. My mom made the Santa Bowing at the manger picture and I have always loved it. The baby in the washbasin is absolutely adorable and I would love to make it and hang it in my bathroom. Of all the projects, I believe this would be the BIGGEST one. The colors are muted and similar and I think it would take me quite a while to finish it. But it would be worth it because I just love it. If you think I should do the Santa picture vote for #4 or if you think I should do the baby picture vote for #5.

Okay, now it's up to you. I'm going to let you vote on what project I should do. And I'm even going to make a contest out of this. If you vote on the project that gets the most votes, I will put your name into a drawing to win a sweet little felted heart kit. I forgot to take a picture of it - but trust me it is sweet and easy. If you post about my contest on your blog I will enter your name again. Let's leave this open until next Friday, the 16th. At that time I will count the votes to see what project I'm doing and I will draw a winning name for the felted heart kit. Just in time for Valentine's Day!


Lucydolls' ramblings said...

Robin ~ you are so amazing. I was looking through a box of material I had and found a bib I started for my niece Sheila. Sheila now has children of her own, the oldest one is in high school. Maybe I should finish that project.
I love the cowboy hanging your husband bought. I think that will be amazing.

Barb said...

Do you know, I saw that book at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season (before Halloween LOL) at Michael's and I told Krissy, I need to bring a 40% coupon and!

With the coupon I can knock the price down from $30 to $18, and you're right. I would so, so love to have this book. It's gorgeous, I love Gooseberry Patch and this book is full of endless wonderful ideas.

I vote for the Nativity Advent Calendars. Surprise, surprise. As a matter of fact, I love that kit so much, I'm going to see if I can find it. It's precious and really, you may be surprised how long it takes to make one calendar, much less two! I'm into my second year now, trying to finish one for Mandy and Aaron.

My vote is for the advent calendars. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with the western wall hanging. Yee haw.


Lisa B. said...

Ok....knowing you....likely you will do all of them this year. But...I think that Chuck BUYING you a craft....speaks loudly. And then once you do the felt advent calendar for your nephew that looks like your grandson. :) He doesn't know you very well and this would ensure that he will never forget you. :)

Willow said...

I'm going to vote for the western quilt because your husband gave it to you and it would please him so much to have it in his office.

Anonymous said...

I have to vote for the country wall hanging. We will have you over and show you what Eric and Logan made with both their Grandfather's brands. My Grandpa just gave Logan his brand. It means so much to our family.

Becky said...

I'm voting for #3. I think ... with all you are going to go through this year, the changes and adjustments, working on a prayer quilt and later seeing it on your wall will bring you a peace that will pass your own understanding. And that is the idea.

Spring Fricks said...

Okay, first off, love the red and white quilt out of the Christmas book. It is beautiful.

I was going to vote for the prayer quilt but making the cowboy quilt for your husband is just too much of a sweet gift so I have to vote for it.

Dawn said...

I see that alot of us had the same idea - since your sweetie bought you that kit, he needs to have it on his wall. So that's the first one. Then I'm with Becky on the prayer quilt - it will bring you such peace as you work on it and pray for your kids far away. But have fun with the western one - and the fact that you have so many friends with brands of their own!

gail@more than a song said...

I'm torn between two....I like #1 because your hubby bought it for you, so maybe that one! After that maybe you could do #3; what Becky said about it is true! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

Anonymous said...

I would do the Prayer Quilt/Wallhanging.They are all really pretty!

Anonymous said...

OK, if I'm voting based on sentiment no question it's the cowboy, but if I'm voting based on the one I like the best ... definitely the prayer quilt. The red one is a close second. HAVE FUN!!

Janice Holton

M&M_Mama said...

Tough choice, Robin. I think I'm tied for the branding wall hanging and the prayer quilt. I'm leaning more towards the branding one because it seems to be a mixture of Chuck (the professional brander) and you (the professional crafter)! Harmony! Can't wait to see your choice and to see it finished.

Renna said...

I think I'd do the prayer/wallhanging first, too, though ALL are lovely! :-)

Bev said...

I LOVE the felt advent kit, think Barb is trying to get ahold of this to start. It's gorgeous. And she she needs that book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, I have been reading you for several months now and, although I have never left a comment, I have enjoyed your blog. Being a sentimental gal, I vote for the Coboy Quilt...Blessings from snowy north Idaho. v.