Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fave 5

I did something for today's Friday Fave post that I have been intending to do for a long time. I took pictures! So here are my five favorite things of the past week in photo and words.

1. I got a package in the mail this week. Nothing is more exciting to me than getting a package in the mail - especially if that package contains BOOKS! So here are most recent additions to the stack of books on my nightstand:

I've heard so many good things about the book with the strange name - I'm anxious to get going with it. The other is book number 5 in the Elm Creek Quilter's series.

2. After saving my pennies, I finally went to Costco and got a very much needed set of pots and pans. I think this stainless steel set will last the rest of my natural life and I may even be able to leave them in my will. All my other pots and pans were ones I bought at the grocery store - the ones where they add a new piece every week. The teflon was long ago eaten and they were pretty much worthless. It's amazing how this set of pots and pans has made it fun to cook and do dishes again! I wonder how long that will last?

3. On Wednesdays after work I go to my sister's house and pick up my sweet granddaughter little Miss Ava Claire and bring her home with me. Her mama and daddy always come to church on Wednesday nights so they give us the honor of having her with us for that evening. I play with her and then we take her to church and after church I get to give her a bath and put her jammies on her. Then she has to go home. I look forward to getting off work on Wednesdays!

4. Went to JoAnne's Fabric this week and spotted the sweetest little Easter fabrics. I couldn't resist. Looks like Miss Ava Claire will soon be sporting some new Easter fashion. I've heard that jelly beans and bunnies are all the rage this season.

5. Last night as I got home from work I noticed the first promise of spring. I cannot tell you how much I needed the first promise of spring. My Crocus are popping up! Hallelujah!

Pop on over to Susanne's Living to Tell the Story and check out some more Friday Favorite's. Or add your own. It's fun!


Willow said...

Oh the crocuses! I miss having them pop up in the early spring! Yes it is wonderful to eat the fresh mandarins. But everything balances out--you get wonderful apples. Ours are 'ok' but they're not Hood River apples.

Have a good weekend!

Becky said...

I won that book at Barb's giveaway earlier this week. I can't wait to start reading.

Ava Claire is going to be sweet enough to eat in that jelly bean outfit. Cute, cute fabrics and pattern. Don't forget to show us when they are done.

And guess what I did just last fall? I bought new pots and pans too. Same with me, the teflon was scraping off into our wonderfully healthful dishes. Yuck! I got the stainless steel this time too. I love them all.

So ... I hope you have a lovely weekend. Great list!!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

I loved reading about these things and seeing your happy pictures!

Faith said...

Oh my goodness. Your granddaughter is gorgeous! Love the middle name especially! (my 10 year old is Claire!). And your new pans look divine! Blessings to you.

Dawn said...

Okay, how did I miss the rant?? I must have been preoccupied, ya think??

Crocuses - what a wonderful promise of better days God gave you.

The books - I can't wait till the next quilt book comes out.

Pots and pans - my hubby invested $400 in cookware when we were first married, 36 years ago. It was one of those party plans - I could not believe he was willing to part with that much money - far more then than it is now! But it was a great investment - I am still using them every day. And nothing has broken.

Well, all I can say is - the rant was beautifully done. And Tyler will know you soon after you see him. And Ava Claire is going to be one spoiled little grandbaby! Blessings, dear friend. I can't empathize, but I sure can sympathize.

Dawn said...

Re your comment - the tiger tops had adorable bottoms that keep coming off when they're crawling and climbing stairs. They're usually bottomless these days, unless they have one a one-piece something.

ellen b said...

Some great faves and I love the photos! I'm really glad you got a hope fix! We all need those :0) How fun it must be to enjoy your granddaughter. The new pots and pans look fabulous. Enjoy....

Susanne said...

Love that you added pictures this time! So fun to look at them along with the post.

I've heard good things about those books too. And yeah for new pots and pans. Happy cooking.

Melissa said...

Your grand-daughter is beautiful! I love your new pots, I would stainless steel, my hubby just can't get the hang of not using metal forks inthe teflon pots!

annie said...

I read that book a couple of weeks ago. It was great!

Barb said...

You're going to love the Guernsey book. The title will make perfect sense once you start reading it. Promise. :-)

I stopped buying teflon years ago and switched to stainless steel pots and pans. I love them.

And that jelly bean fabric is adorable, as is that sweet pattern. What fun!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Your granddaughter is A-DOR-ABLE!!!!

dana said...

I can completely identify with you about the pots and pans!! I still have a couple from "the grocery store plan"!! When we moved here 4yrs ago I bought a few from QVC and they're OK, but I reallllly like yours! I must check out our Costco!
I love the little Easter pattern and fabric--you're a great grammy!!


Dawn said...

I've been trying to remember how we first connected. Do you remember?

We have a guy from Extreme Peru next Sunday night. Come on over!

The Correspondent said...

Hooray for books in the mail. And those pots! I wish I had the space for a set like that.

Ava Claire is adorable!

Sharon said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. I appreciate your sweet comment.

My, what a beautiful blog you have! Your family is truly gorgeous. And so is your granddaughter, Ava Claire!!! I enjoyed reading your Fav Five list.

God Bless and take care.


gail@more than a song said...

Your little AC is adorable!
I so want to read that book, my library doesn't have it....did you order it! I might check into that.