Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Worship Music and Marshmallows

So what does Worship Music have to do with marshmallows?

Click on over to the Praise Baby blog where I'm blogging today and find out.


Willow said...

I read your post over at Praise Baby and I agree! And I do pray for my grandson constantly!

Dawn said...

Okay, how do you writers come up with these great analogies?? Just perfect. My big grandgirls have to have a CD playing in the van as we drive around - I love love love hearing them singing those words back there in their car seats. What a blessing!

I read your comment over at Becky's today - Peru is not nearly as primitive as Haiti - well, at least not in the cities. One of our team members on a mission trip had a kidney stone attack and ended up in surgery. It was a bit scary, but she did okay. Where are your kids going to be?

Our church has been to Arequipa (sp?) 3 times now and hoped to finish the project next summer. Our Faith Promise giving was double the normal because half of it is going down there for materials. Now Extreme Peru is finishing up the project. The building will be named after Dan Walker, the young man in our church who died last summer. He and his whole family had been there working, and his mom replaced me as NMI president this year (after about 30 years!) Well, that is a long comment - just wondering where in Peru they will be. I don't think I knew it was Peru that was their destination.