Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because Every Girl Needs a Valentine's Hat

I just couldn't resist knitting Miss Ava a hat for valentine's - it looks so cute on her - like she is ready to go snowboarding! She is 4 1/2 months now and really blossoming. Her little personality is showing more. I'm pretty sure she has figured out that she is a princess. She knows what she likes, who she likes, and how she likes it. And she isn't shy about sharing what she knows!
Aunt Jess gave Miss Ava and Tyler a bath the other night - what fun! Miss Ava loves her bath and she loves being na*ked, but when you go to put clothes on her, you better have some ear plugs! My stars, that girl reaches a pitch previously unheard of! Tyler just looks at her in wonder.

Just for fun - here is a picture of the babies with their great-grandma's. My mom is holding Tyler and my mother-in-law has Miss Ava. I love it!


Becky said...

I love that hat! It is so cute! And the picture of great-grandmas and the babies is priceless.

You're doing a great job there, Robin. Stay strong!

Karen said...

I love this post! Babies, just out of the bath, great-grandmas and babies and that hat!!. It is toooo cute!

Lisa B. said...

What a good picture of mom and Pearl! What a cute hat! You should knit one for your little nephew. Maybe not the hearts and all....but something with a tractor? :)

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness! I would die to have two Valentine hats for the girlies! Seein's that we live in the Valentine Capital of the World! Just adorable!

The girlies don't like getting dressed too much either - especially diaper changing time.

Re your comment today - it is unbelievable how our paths have meshed. I almost told some of that story, but decided it wasn't my place to do so. Even though you're sad about their leaving, it does seem very exciting, doesn't it??

Dawn said...

Robin, I just discovered the Peru blogs on your sidebar and wrote a long note to Michelle. I will definitely be keeping up with Wendy and Olivia as well - are they both from your church? I can't wait to read of their adventures!