Monday, March 30, 2009

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FOR TODAY Monday, March 30, 2009...

Outside my window...I am at work and it is the week after spring break. It's good to see the students walking around campus again.

I am thinking... that life can be so hard sometimes. I have a friend who is really hurting right now - and I don't know how to help her.

I am thankful for... the fact that the wind has calmed down to a breezy 10mph instead of the 55mph winds we had yesterday.

From the learning rooms... I am learning some advanced knitting techniques working on Mr. Foster - the knitted sock monkey! Every row has been a challenge - but it is fun.

From the kitchen... I discovered there is a mouse in my kitchen. Therefore, I am not.

I am wearing... a sweater that is beginning to feel a bit too warm.

I am creating... my knitted sock monkey. Here he is right now:

I am going... to get some film developed that has been sitting around the house for many years. It should be interesting since I have absolutely no idea what is on them!

I am reading... A Debbie Bliss knitting magazine.

I am hoping... for spring to finally arrive.

I am hearing... the quiet.

Around the house... I have started a de-cluttering project. After working in my bathroom and closet I have thrown away two bags of trash, taken one large bag to
Goodwill, and have three large bags of yard sale stuff. I am amazed.

One of my favorite things... is Diet Dr. Pepper.

A few plans for the rest of the week: To continue with my de-cluttering project in the hopes that I will get inspired to paint.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

I put this is the mail today and I am praying it arrives safely. I have heard many horror stories about sending mail to Peru. This box has my sweet grandboy's birthday present in it and it would break my heart if he doesn't get it. When the postmaster asked me how much I wanted to insure it for I was thinking "Oh I don't know, how about $5000? It's got lots of handmade love in there - stuff that can't be replaced." Before I could say anything though, he said, "Oh never mind. The most you can insure it for is $125."

Alrighty then. You better make sure it gets there mister.

Sigh. Have I mentioned how much I hate that Peru is so far away? 1053 days to go.


Auntie Q said...

"I discovered there is a mouse in my kitchen. Therefore, I am not."

LOL! Enjoyed reading your daybook!

Karen said...

I'm so impressed with your knitted sock monkey. I know you said you figured out an easier way to do it, but it would not be easy for me. Not at all.

My son told me yesterday there's a mouse in the garage. But DH told him not to tell me. I guess I better make sure he took care of it before it moves into the house.

I love diet Dr. Pepper, too:)

I wish for your sake that Peru was closer, too. (sigh)

Michelle said...

Yay! I can't wait for the box, I hear it takes about 1 week:) Thanks, Momma!

nanajobx said...

I work at the PO. Peru is a weird county. Strange restrictions.If you are looking for the safest form of mail you might try Registerd or Experss. Very expensive but safer.I don't mean to sound like a walking post office but they just came out with an online customs form and you can even get your postage on line( espically easy if you use the flat rate boxes) I have one POM who send parcels to her daughter in Croatia often. She spends over $100 on postage each time!!!!
I guess you have to get pretty creative about buying light gifts. I will learn soon enough! My daughter and family leave inless than one month :(

M&M_Mama said...

Robin, you make me laugh! I love the way you put words together. I'm impressed with your projects and I also can't wait to see what Tyler gets for his present! I'm sure it's amazing.

Tara said...

I love the sock monkeys! I want one!