Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dishcloth Knitting

I have completed my set of 7 knitted dishcloths - a fresh, clean dishcloth for every day of the week. I just loved making these because they were so easy. I like to always have two knitting projects going at a time - a challenging one and a "mindless" one. These dishcloths fall into the "mindless" category. They are great to work on while watching tv or traveling in the car.

They are not so great to work on however if you are watching 24. 24 knitting doesn't work for me no matter how "mindless" the knitting is. I always end up with a bunch of knots. In my knitting and in my stomach. Especially when I am arguing with everyone else that Tony has not gone to the dark side. I believe in Tony. It's all a set-up. Tony is good. Trust me. I was the only one who believed he wasn't dead two seasons ago - and see - I was right. And I'm right about this too - I just know it.

But I digress....

Here are my completed dishcloths

I have always loved 'Day of the Week' things ever since I was a little girl and little girl panties were monogrammed with the day of the week. It suits my CDO tendencies I guess. And by the way CDO is OCD - in alphabetical order - as it should be.

Back to the dishcloths - I seem to be having a hard time focusing today. I plan to just leave mine stacked by the sink next to the soap decanter. That way I can grab a fresh one each morning. And because they are monogrammed it will make it easy to know if I am using a clean one each day.

I made mine out of organic cotton purchased from Knit Picks - my favorite online knitting store. They have awesome prices.

And the free pattern was downloaded from Jimmy Bean Wool online knitting store. They have spectacular yarn that I buy when I can't find what I want locally. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have turned into a bit of a yarn snob - but you can't beat knitting with good quality yarn in my opinion.

The monograms are done with a stitch called a Duplicate stitch. I thought they were knitted into the design but they aren't. You knit the whole dishcloth and then add the monogram. Directions for how to do it can be found here. And the edging is a very simple single crochet stitch. Easy peasy.

I'm going to keep knitting them so I have wedding gifts on hand. I think wrapped up with a little soap decanter they would make a charming gift. Knitting dishcloths is a great summertime project because they are small and you don't have heavy, warm blankets or sweaters sitting on your lap as you work.

So tonight I will continue to knit. Thankfully, it's not a 24 night so I will get something accomplished. And remember, Tony is good, Tony is good, Tony is good.....


Kathy S. said...

Robin, I LOOOVE the dishcloths. Would it be possible for me to buy a set for my baby girl who is getting married? That would be so fun! Her kitchen is going to be orange and blue!

I have never watched 24. I just heard of it for the first time when I began a Monday night Bible study, the girls attending said it was quite a sacrifice giving it up...

Some day I will have to see it. Sounds like a soap opera w/ all your talk about a!

Andrea said...

Mom, I dare say it sounds as though you are trying harder to covince yourself of Tony's goodness than to convince your readers. Just a thought. I love you and I am looking forward to tonight...:).

Becky said...

Those are so cute. I never would have thought to do that. I have knitted sets of 12 disclothes. One to represent the holidays for each month. I enjoyed that.

But these are great.

And I don't know about Tony. I have doubted him all along. The only way he can be good is if the guy he killed Monday ... what's his name?? FBI guy??? ... anyway, only if he was bad and Tony is the only one that knows it. And that is always possible.

But that does not explain why he would be out to get Jack. Hmmm. I don't know about Tony. And I miss Chloe.

Michelle said...

Mom! You are a nut:) How exactly do you say the words of CDO... compulsive disorder obsessive? And just remember that Brad and I are a week behind in 24 so don't spill anything, please! I will expect a set of daily dish clothes in my next package:)

Willow said...

I love to knit dishcloths too, but mine are way simpler and much more boring. I can still work on them during an intense NCIS moment.

Dawn said...

Those are so cute - and being CDO, you definitely would want to have a clean cloth every day, and the right one!

I have never watched 24, and I don't think now would be the time, eh?

Have a wonderful week-end!

gail@more than a song said...

I hope you're right about Tony!
Glad to see Chloe back, ready for that Janice to go. Found a facebook page that said the show would be set in New York next year.

Bev said...

Oh Robin, alas I think Tony is Baaadddddd and Jack is going to do him in at the end of the season! Sad about it, but pretty convinced.

and I LOVE the dishcloths, the idea of them, and the monograms. A fabulous idea for a shower gift.

Anonymous said...
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