Monday, June 29, 2009

Diagnosis - Not

After spending a weekend of trying to contact each other, we finally got to talk for a few minutes to Brad and Michelle. They met with the neurologist on Friday and went over all the tests Brad had taken over the week. Basically, they couldn't find anything. And while we are rejoicing that that means there is no tumor or abnormaility to worry about, we are still concerned that Brad had a mini-stroke and nobody can figure out why or what caused it.

The neurologist wants Brad to see the cardiologist for further testing to rule out other possibilites. Brad and Michelle talked about it and decided to return to Arequipa on Sunday. Today is a big holiday of some sort in Peru and they would have had to wait until Tuesday and then wait in Lima the rest of the week for the results. The poor kids are so tired of living with other people and not doing the work they are in Peru to do. So they decided that they will do the further testing in Lima in a couple of months when they need to return for other reasons as well. In the meantime, Brad is on an aspirin regimen to prevent another stroke from occurring as well as some preventative migraine medicine. They are also having all the test results sent to a doctor here in the States who has graciously agreed to give a second opinion.

So we shall continue to pray for wisdom, peace and healing.


Donnetta said...

Continuing with you...

gail@more than a song said...

Hope your kids are doing ok and will get along until time for the tests. Must be so hard on you.