Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update on Brad - June 20,2009

I am in Portland today - the last day of my business trip. I will sleep in my own bed tonight - I can't wait. But I have many hours of driving ahead of me before then....

I just skyped with Michelle and Tyler. Brad continues to have tests - he even went in this morning to have a test where they spread dye throughout his brain. He has also been referred to a cardiologist on Monday. They are hoping for all the test results to be in by Wednesday and then hopefully a diagnosis.

The doctor in Lima said that what he experienced was a mini-stroke, or TIA. Fortunately TIA's do not result in permanent damage, but they are an indicator that something is wrong and the possiblility of a full-fledged stroke is increased substantially. We are so very grateful that he has found a good medical facility. Michelle and a friend who is also a nurse have researched all the testing and she feels that they are pursuing the right course. That in itself offers tremendous peace of mind. She is busy updating her blog as I type.

So for now, we continue to pray. On this trip I have been with 13 other people. All. The. Time. So I have gotten up early each morning and taken off on a walk to just spend time praying. I do believe I have started a new habit. It's amazing how much conversation you can have with God while walking. Coming from a non-walker - this is saying a lot!

Thank you again to all of you who are praying. We are honored and blessed each and every time somebody tells us they are bringing Brad and Michelle before the Lord.


Becky said...

That is what I do on my walks ... pray. I have often said that folks must think I am a crazy woman out talking to myself.

And I have been praying for Brad, and Michelle and Tyler and y'all that at are home waiting for news. Home is the hardest place to be when you want to know everything RIGHT NOW.

Keep posting. I am reading as often as you do.

Barb said...

I'm glad you were able to go on walks and get away from the group. When you first described his symptoms, I thought of a mini stroke - I'm familiar with that because it happened to my dad. They got to the bottom of it and he's perfectly fine now.

Still keeping all of you in my prayers, Robin.

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked your blog for a while and so I just learned about your son-in-law. Praying for him and for your entire family!
Diane Stortz

gail@more than a song said...

I'm just catching up on blog reading and read all your reports/updates. How hard it must be for y'all to be so far away from them during this! I just prayed for your kids; I know it must feel better for you that they've gotten to a bigger city hospital where they speak English! I hope this week is better for him and they get some answers. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Kathy S. said...

I am praying too. The journey is long, but the Lord goes ahead, and promises to work it all out for good.

Blessings, Robin!

Barb said...

I stopped by to see if there was any more news on Brad. I hope everything is OK.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

praying for your son...cant imagine being that far away with all that going on! sounds like he is in great hands. of course, He's in God's hands - what better place to be! :)

Michelle said...

Yikes! I'm so glad he's at a bigger/better hospital! he's in my prayers that they can get to the bottom of this and get a true diagnosis!