Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update on Brad

I received the following email from my daughter Michelle this morning, recapping what is happening with Brad. I appreciate all your prayers so much and they do too. I have a very strong daughter and I am so proud of her.

Family and Friends-
I want to send an update on the days events. Some of you know a little and some may not know anything so I will catch you up. First of all, Brad is doing well!!
This morning Brad woke up with confusion and unable to speak more than 3 or 4 simple words. He could not finish sentences or ask questions. He was aware that he was not making sense and was very frightened. All of this was happening along with a bad headache. We went to the emergency room and they could not find anything wrong with his nervous system with a physical exam and decided to treat the headache and see if that was affecting his speech. 30 minutes after medication his headache was almost relieved but he was still struggling with his speech. We were taken upstairs to the neurologist. The neurologist was concerned because Brad was very pale and nauseated even after relieving the pain. He admitted Brad to the hospital to run some tests. So far he has had blood and urine tests and an MRI. About 5 hours after waking up this morning his speech returned and has no more confusion. But the doctor is being very thorough and is running some
more tests to find out why he had the problems he did this morning. We just returned from the MRI and the neurologist is unable to read all of the results tonight. He also wants an EEG in the morning. Brad is not happy about staying the night in the hospital but I promised to bring in the laptop and his guy movies and now it doesn't seem as bad!
We have very good friends here in Arequipa who are checking in with us frequently and most importantly caring for Tyler. Thanks for all of your prayers. I will keep you updated!
Love, Michelle

Please keep them in your prayers - I will keep you updated as soon as I hear anything else.

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nikkipolani said...

Thanks for the update, Robin. Praying that the docs will be able to diagnose accurately.