Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where We Are At

The hospital in Peru discharged Brad this morning. They don't really have any answers to what happened and feel that his stroke-like symptoms were caused by his headache. They want him to come back in two weeks for another EEG.

Naturally Michelle and Brad are not satisfied with that and are praying for direction. In the meantime, my husband contacted our church district office and my goodness - it is so wonderful to have a church family all the time - but especially in times like these.

Our church district office has already contacted a referring physician who has agreed to look at their situation and refer the case to a neurosurgeon. It will involve sending the MRI and EEG results. So right now we are just trying to get in touch with Brad and Michelle and give them this information so they can proceed from their end.

We are so glad that Brad appears to be back to normal and feeling fine. His headache is gone and his speech is normal. He is very relieved to be back in his apartment.

Please continue to pray as we all know that prayer is the key to power. And if you want to read an absolutely beautiful and stunning post about this situation go here and read the words of Brad's stepmom. It nearly stopped my heart this morning!


nikkipolani said...

Still praying for a clear diagnosis, then. Thanks for the update, Robin.

Willow said...

Thanks for the update Robin. I too am praying with you.