Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July - 2009

We hosted a 4th of July picnic at our home this year and invited all my family over.  It was a perfect evening for eating outside.  It was also a perfect evening for a water balloon fight.

I tried a new feature this year – homemade root beer.  It was surprisingly easy and tasted just like the kind you buy in frosted mugs at the root beer place.  And trust me – even though it looks like witch’s brew – it was really good.  In fact we managed to drink 5 gallons of it!

We had a girls area and a boys area for the kids to eat their dinner.

The adults got chairs.

We especially enjoyed our little star spangled girl – Miss Ava Claire.

A water balloon fight was a feature of the evening.  Even though the kids became a little over-powered by some of the adults – all had a fun time.

And no matter what anyone says – you will never convince me that boys and girls are not different in every way imaginable. 

While the boys were doing this:

The girls were doing this:


And most of the adults decided to forego the water ball fight and instead participated in a game of Bocce Ball .

The 4th of July – what a fun day to celebrate God, country and family.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all! I think you're quite right about boys and girls -- no matter what that crazy couple in the news thinks, the one that doesn't want to impose any gender pressures on their infant.

Becky said...

That does look like a LOT of fun. I love that some of the "bigger kids" got all wrapped up in the fight, to the point of just tossing buckets of water at their small foes.

It is also great to see you posting about something normal and everyday, like a good ol' party with friends and family. Good to see you smiling in the pictures.

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

looks like such a good time. ava claire is beautiful and very well loved and admired i am sure :).

Donnetta said...

It looks like everyone had such a fun time!

So, how do you make homemade root beer?

Dawn said...

Homemade root beer? Do tell us how!

What a fun day - and you're absolutely so right on about the girl/boy thing!

We had two rains on the 4th, but it ended up being perfect for the fireworks - the sun came out, a rainbow developed, then the moon came - just in time for the fireworks to join the beauty in the sky.

Lucydolls' ramblings said...

where were the diving birds? It looks like fun!