Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheer Cheer for Cheerios!

Having grandbabies around the house has us experiencing a lot of dejavoux. Our living room could give any Fisher Price showroom a run for its money. My book shelves are stocked with diapers and wipes. My pantry is filled with small juice boxes with straws attached and animal cookies.

And I love it. I just love it.

Recently Myblogspark and General Mills sent me some coupons to try some free boxes of GM cereals. Being the old people that we are, one thing we haven't bought in I don't know how many years is good old fashioned Cheerio's. So we used the coupons to get some regular Cheerios and also the Honey Nut kind. My goodness - I forgot how good they are! And Tyler and Ava Claire giggle and giggle when they see us pull out the box.

Cheerio's aren't just good for breakfast. They make a great snack. They make a good dinner when you are just too tired to cook and there aren't enough people around to serve a full course meal to. And they are good for you too. Chuck and I find ourselves reading a lot more labels these days. Labels that tell us things we need to know about salt and fat and cholesterol. This is a good label.

So Cheerios aren't just for babies. They are good for all of us. They are simple. They are nutritious. They are good. If you would like to get some coupons to buy your own just click here. They also have lots of other types of cereals that have healthy labels too. So just in case it's been a while since you have meandered down the cereal aisle - check it out.

Maybe you could have some for dinner tonight.

p.s. Another good thing about General Mills is that they use Box Tops for Education. Having a daughter who is a teacher has taught me how important these little labels are for getting things to use in the classroom. It's a great program. Save all those little labels and turn them in to your local public school.


Glenda said...

My husband and I love cheerios, too! Had that for supper just last night!

Dawn said...

DC likes Cheerios - I only like the honey nut ones. But they are definitely good for you. I can't have anything like that right now, the first 6 weeks of Prism.

I do get tired, but normally don't have them all 4 - except Wednesday and Saturday nights. But she's sick again (please pray - serious kidney stuff that could have long term consequences) and so I'll have them until she's back on her feet again. It's getting tiresome to have her sick so often. Scary, too.