Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Review

* Finished up our week away in the mountains. It was sad to leave. I had the most restful week ever - first vacation I have ever taken where I did absolutely nothing.

* Went to church

* Went to the airport to pick up our kids who traveled to Michigan for a wedding.

* Realized that all four of our daughters happen to be four different states this week. Weird.

* Knit two little mice - one for Tyler and one for Ava Claire. I'll share pictures soon.

* Watched some great shows on the History Channel and marveled at the sacrifices made by great men and women all for the sake of this country.

* Cleaned the kitchen in Michelle and Brad's house as they prepare to move into it.

* Ate in a public restaurant after cleaning the kitchen all day. I looked like I had been cleaning all day. My family assured me that in this particular restaurant that is what you are supposed to look like. Great.

* Watered my flowers.

* Went back to work.

* Wondered how many days until I retire.


Heidi Winter Tracht said...

I, personally, hope you have many wonderful work days before you retire!!! :)

Dawn said...

Busy week-end! Good thing you had such a restful vacation for your anniversary. Are you glad or sad that your kids are moving back out?

Becky said...

How long until you DO retire? I know you can't wait.

And I am going to host a "This Weekend, I" on Monday. I hope you'll play along. I just love these spot on posts that are easy and quick to write and read.

I am soooooo sooooo sooooo happy you had a great week. You two deserve it so much.