Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Weekend, I

Keys to the Cottage

This Weekend, I . . . . .

. . . worked late on Friday.

. . . worked all day on Saturday.

. . . had a sleepover with Tyler and Ava Claire, fondly known as Thing One and Thing Two.

. . . watched Toy Story 1 and 2, with Thing One and Thing Two of course.

. . . went to the grocery story hungry, and worse yet, took my hungry husband with me - expensive mistake.

. . . ran into an old friend whom I haven't seen in about 10 years. We both told each other we still looked exactly the same.

. . . played in the sprinkler with Tyler.

. . . wondered if my tomato plant that is planted in one of those upside down planter things, is really going to grow. It looks to me like it is struggling to grow the right way.

. . . did not clean my pond filters. Again.

. . . made a awesome stir-fry with enough leftovers to share for a quick Sunday night dinner.

. . . enjoyed a picnic after our service Sunday with our church family.

Now, let's here what you did this weekend. Go here and make your list.


cheri said...

Sounds like you fit in a lot of fun things, despite having to work! Thing One and Thing Two - funny!!

I love using up leftovers in stir fry. The only bad part is, when they turn out 'awesome', you can never duplicate it again!

Becky said...

Thing One and Thing Two! Perfect!
Sounds like a great weekend ... except for the working more than usual. I guess the end of the semester/school year makes extra work for everyone.

Have a good week! And thanks for posting :) And thanks too for your birthday wishes.

Karen said...

I love that -- Thing One and Thing Two!

I planted one of those upside down tomato plants, too, and it doesn't look very promising at this point. I also have one going with strawberry plants, and it looks a little better!

Dawn said...

I keep forgetting to do this - maybe next week! I thought of all the things I could have shared, though. I did have something else on my heart this week-end.

I love Toy Story - wonder if 3 will be as good? I've seen it as Disney on Ice - before I watched the movies. The ice show made more sense after watching the movies!

Dawn said...

PS - glad I didn't invest in an upside down tomato plant, as I thought of doing. But we don't have right side up ones planted, either!

Dawn said...

Me AGAIN! Re your comment to me - it is exactly what I wrote about in my previous post - beauty from ashes.

I had hopes that maybe I could get out there this summer, but the trip to Maine is going to involve a whole week, most likely, and be quite costly. Maybe I can come with Vicki next time she comes for meetings!

Lady Farmer said...

I just planted 30 Heirloom Brandywine Tomatoes this morning! (in the ground, right side up! ;~D ) I hope they do well ~ that was just too much time and energy to have them not do well! I have heard others say their tomatoes don't do well in those topsy-turvy things. Hope yours fairs better!

Bev said...

Isnt this just the best posting idea - short, sweet and simple. Those upside down tomato things - they look funny but they seem to grow... at least for most people. And you made me hungry for stir fry so it's coming right up on our menu!