Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Weekend, I . . .

* Enjoyed a wonderful three day weekend with NO agenda. Totally relaxing and enjoyable.

* Walked a total of 11 miles.

*Weeded my pond garden and cleaned the pond filters.

* Bought a new flat-screen HD tv. It's not a big one because as my husband says "Let's not be greedy" - but it's bigger and nicer than what we had.

* Ate freshly picked corn on the cob and tomatoes for dinner - twice.

* Moved furniture around in the bedrooms. We made our spare room into a "Baby room" with a daybed, trundle, crib and toys.

* Moved my sewing room to the spare room off the garage. Much bigger, better light and I think I'm going to love it.

* Read "Broken on the Back Row" by Sandy Patty. Impressed with the whole restitution process she went through with her pastor and church. No matter what - she has the most beautiful voice. I've been listening to "Another Time Another Place" a lot this weekend.

* Made a carrot cake.

* Watched Boise State come on strong, get behind and then rally during the last 4 minutes of the BSU- Virginia Tech. game. Not sure I have a whole season of football in me if that the the kind of nail biting games we are going to have. GO BOISE!!!!

* Loved on my favorite new little grandboy. And my favorite oldest grandboy. And my favorite grand girl.

* Packed my bags. Yep, I'm gone this week on a business trip. And yes, I'm flying. To lots of places - work related. Will even be flying on September 11 which blows my mind. This is challenging for a couple of reasons. Prayers please!

Join us at Becky's and share what you did this weekend!


Becky said...

I am glad you had a more relaxing weekend. Still ... sounds like it was lovely-busy.

And I am surprised to hear you speak of flying so offhandedly really. Proud of you as well. Praying for you always.

Dawn said...

Have a great trip - that would be kind of intimidating to be in the air on 9/11. But I know it'll be okay.

Your baby room sounds great - I wish I had a room to do that - we don't know what we're going to do when the twins can't sleep in the porta cribs any more. Right now they're in the "office" and they love messing things up in there, now that they can crawl out!

I must read that book --

Anonymous said...

Praying for safe travels!