Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day!!

So where I live in southwestern Idaho, we are considered a "banana belt". Our weather is fairly nice in the winter. It gets cold and we deal with nasty inversions, but overall it is dry and any bad weather we get is short-lived. We see the mountains from the valley we live in and there is lots of snow there - wonderful skiing and sledding kind of snow. But down here in the valley - not so much. So imagine the wonderment when I got up this morning and saw this:

My driveway was completely covered, the road in front of my house seemed to have disappeared and it took me exactly 2.5 seconds to decide I was not going to try the drive in to work today. I drive about 30 miles on narrow country roads that never see the blade of a snow plow. It would not be worth the risk. So I immediately heated up some water and made a cup of hot chocolate and settled down with my knitting. Pure bliss!

However, my little yorkie Willow doesn't agree:

But then she didn't just receive this delicious box of yarn in the mail:


Anonymous said...

It looks like sock Monkey colors

Robyn Q said...

So beautifully put! I wish I knitted. It looks like fun. I am too distracted at this stage in life. ENJOY!

Dawn said...

Looks like a great snow day! We have only had one snow so far and it didn't amount to much. The twins love it - in fact, outside the gym every day they would play on the little patch of ice that got smaller every day until it was all gone, much to their disappointment.