Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So who is trained?

Okay - yesterday I was sitting at the table working on some paperwork and my yorkie, Pebbles, kept running to the door like she wanted to go out. So I, being the obedient dog owner that I am, got up and walked to the door. As soon as I got to the door Pebbles immediately ran to the treat cupboard. It dawned on me that she was faking me out! She wanted me to get up and she knew exactly how to do that! Then she redirected my attention to the treat cupboard. I wasn't sure if I should reward her for that or not! (I did, I couldn't resist lol).
It got me to thinking though . . . does God try to get my attention like that sometimes? Does he use ordinary opportunites to turn my attention to a deeper issue? Does he do His best to "get me to the door" so that I will go a little deeper into my life with Him? I kind of think He does. For instance, perhaps He uses my "ordinary" interest in reading to find a book or article that will challenge my heart and mind to levels that I wouldn't have found on my own. Maybe He will use a comment that someone says to spark an entirely different meaning in my heart. I don't know - it just kind of makes sense to me!
Well, I'd better go - Pebbles is standing at the door again!

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