Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Go Bronco's

Okay, first I should tell you that I am the most UNsports loving person in the whole world. I never have liked sports. I don't like the importance placed on sports, I don't like what athletes get paid, I don't like the idolotry that sports figures incur. I especially hate when sports events get put before church events. With all that being said, I will confess that I watched my very first complete entire football game on New Year's Day. And it was so FUN! Boise State University went to its first ever BCS bowl in Phoenix, Arizona. The Fiesta Bowl. It was all you ever heard about around here for weeks. It was on tv, the news, papers, friends, grocery stores, you name it - I promise you - that's all anyone talked about. Some people from our church went - along with 30,000 other people from our state! So I figured the least I could do was watch it on tv. Boise State took alot of criticism - some thought they shouldn't be in the bowl, even though they had a perfect 12-o season. Some thought that we were too small of a school and could not compete with bigger schools. Well, if you watched the game - you saw what happened. We beat Okalahoma University in overtime by 1 point. Many commentators said it was the best college game they had EVER seen. Even though I didn't understand much of the game - I understood the emotion and the excitement. So....I don't think I will ever be a football fan - but it sure has been fun being a part of the excitement the past few weeks here in Idaho.
Click here to see some of our local news about it:
And here is a fun article from CNN:


summer said...

My entire family lives in Boise and are big bronco fans...even going to great lengths as dying their hair orange and blue. I don't get it. But, what the heck, I'll cheer for them...go Broncs!

Robin said...

HAH HAH - I don't get the hair dye, face make up either!! I'm just thinking of maybe getting a bronco sweatshirt - that would be big for me!