Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm So Proud of My Daughter

This last weekend I had the privilege of seeing my daughter in a leadership position and I am just beaming with pride for her! She is the vice president of her junior class in a small Christian school. They are trying to earn money for their senior trip next year. She and her friend who is the class president decided to host a silly supper. They ended up doing ALL the work themselves. They planned the menu, printed and sold tickets, collected money, bought all the food, set up and decorated the tables and trained the waiters. They also recruited my husband and I to do the cooking! They sold 96 tickets and made about $700 for their class. I sat back and watched as she spoke in front of the crowd and organized the waiters, patiently explaining their jobs to them. When things didn't go smoothly, she stayed flexible and worked through the problems. I am just so proud of her. The evening was a total success and she received many compliments for the event. I have always heard that pk's have natural leadership abilities because of all the ways they have had to learn how to make do living in a parsonage. I guess this is true! I know that this is another occasion of life in the ministry being a life of privilege!

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Julie Fink said...

Congratulations for a job well done by your daughter!