Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Michelle and Brad's Wedding Day

I am recovering from a whirlwind week and weekend in which my oldest daughter got married. It was such a beautiful, magical day and we had so many fun events that surrounded it. Everything seems kind of lonely now - a let down of sorts. But it is also a good feeling to try to get back to "normal"! Here is a picture of the lovely bride as I am admiring her. She was absolutely radiant!

Mom, Dad, and Michelle

This is when her dad saw her for the first time, which made all of us cry sweet tears!

This is Michelle and Brad dancing their first dance

I don't have all my pictures yet and I didn't take my camera to the actual ceremony so I will post pictures of the actual wedding later. But I just wanted to share about it and how wonderful it all turned out! Here is a short list of all the fun things we did:
Wednesday: My whole family took a dance lesson! Michelle and Brad had a wedding dance but none of us have ever danced before! We learned a few basic steps that got us through!
Thursday: A bachelorette party at P.F. Changs. It was very yummy and may I say that my new favorite food is Kung Pow Shrimp! Wowsers - it was good!
Friday: Decorating at the church all day and rehearsal at 6:00 with a dinner following.
Saturday: The Day!
Sunday: My family all met for breakfast and then we went to church.
Monday: Airport runs all day long!
Today: Back to work :(


Robin said...

What a beautiful bride!
Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a note.

Cool Mama said...

Wow! Beautiful bride is right! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I must admit, I always get alittle 'teary-eyed' when I see the father of the Bride, giving his daughter a big hug! Such a special moment!

Dancer said...

She looks absolutely elegant!