Monday, January 8, 2007

Sofa's to Salvation

God is so good!! This weekend I had an answer to prayer that just confirmed in my spirit how much God really cares about the small and the large things in our lives. Let me explain: Around the first of December I was worried because I simply don't have enough furniture in my home for everyone to sit on when my family is all there. I hate bringing in folding chairs or having people sit on the floor. With the wedding, I knew there was no way to buy furniture. So I thought about just praying for it. At first, it seemed so trite, so unimportant that I felt foolish praying about it. But I prayed anyway. On Saturday a man from our church offered my husband a sectional sofa that has 2 recliners to our teen room in the church! My husband didn't even realize that I had been praying for furniture, but knowing we NEEDED furniture asked the man if we could use it instead and of course, he was delighted. GOD GAVE ME THE FURNITURE I HAD PRAYED FOR! Now this just warmed my heart because I have been also praying for a long time for the salvation of a very dear loved one and nothing seems to happen. But when God answered the furniture prayer I realized that if God cares so much about the little things in my life, how much more must He care for things like salvation for those that we love. It was like He just whispered to me: "Be patient, I am working". So my heart is cheered, we have furniture for all to sit on (and I am having lots of company this weekend for the wedding), and I know that God is working for the salvation of my dear loved one.

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Cool Mama said...

I just LOVE hearing stories like this! It speaks to me, and reminds me that God DOES hear us when we pray AND that the details of our lives DO matter to Him! I think sometimes we are so worried that we should only use prayer for what we think are 'big' important or holy/spiritual things. In reality, God does say He's a good Father, who LOVES to give His children good gifts! I'm so happy for you! God is good eh??