Monday, February 26, 2007

My Cowboy's Birthday present

Being the wife of a cowboy carries with it certain responsibilities that may be unknown to most "regular" wives. These responsibilities include but are not limited to such things as being supportive of the times he wants to go riding, appreciating the finer points of hoof trimming, noticing when hay is “good hay” or “bad hay”, knowing the difference between bridle straps, headstalls, hobbles, and breast collars, knowing how to decipher cowboy lingo and not least of all, choosing a good pair of cowboy boots. When a certain cowboy has a birthday and requests a pair of “black cowboy boots” from his non-cowgirl wife, he really needs to give more description. Does he realize that there are precisely 387 pairs of black cowboy boots alone? Does he know there is cow or ostricth leather; snake, alligator, or lizard skin to choose from? Does he know you can get a pair of boots for $99 or a pair of boots for $989? Does he understand there are round toes, square toes, or pointy toes? Does he prefer white stitching, black stitching, colored stitching to match the colors in the boot, or does he want any stitching at all? Don’t even get me going on the heel types and for heaven’s sake how “tall” should these boots be?

That is why in regard to all of these questions and more, my cowboy husband is getting a gift certificate for his birthday tomorrow with an opportunity to go to town and pick out the best pair of black cowboy boots he can find!

Happy Birthday Honey – you are the best and I love you!


Anonymous said...

You have the unique ability to make even shoping for cowboy boots fun when it is not your forte. What an amazing lady you are!!!

Julie Fink said...

I love this, and isn't it the truth!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I never knew there were so many different kinds of boots out there! The kids are shopping for Chuck today, they both agree it needs to be something cowboy! I think I finally figured out the blog code! See you tonight!
Oh, you are special to me too!


Toni said...

Note to self: Never go shopping for cowboy boots! Man job.