Thursday, February 15, 2007

Surprise Gift

On Monday I was going through our mail when I came to the bottom of the stack and found of all things, a quilting magazine! My first thought was "I love quilting magazines!" and then my next thought was "Oh no, I am going to have to put this back in the mailbox so it can go to who it REALLY belongs so". Then I looked at the subscription label and discovered that it really did belong to me!!! I don't usually indulge myself in magazine subscriptions, but it was true. This magazine was mine and I am going to get 11 more of them during the next year! I am so excited. A certain friend of mine came to mind right away as being the culprit! Sure enough, she confessed. She has a passion for quilting and I know she wants me to "catch her bad habit"! It just may happen! But for now I am going to pour me a hot cup of coffee and dream through the pages of my new magazine. Isn't God wonderful to provide us with such generous friends?


Toni said...

Lucky you! Let me know when you need a new project- I have plenty I would love to have quilted!

Jane said...

Such a "bad habit" to have. Actually, I have the same habit and it is addicting.

Cool Mama said...

Hey robin...I did the same thing for a friend this year - gave her a subscription to a magazine I knew she loved picking up at the grocery store. I loved knowing that each month, she'd be thinking of 'me', and how much I love her as a friend! How neat to read that you will have the same 'warm fuzzie' from your friend! Enjoy!