Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Simple Things

I have been thinking recently of how it is the simple things in my life that bring me so much contentment, joy, and even happiness. Here is a short list of some of the simple things in my life:

*My husband brings me coffee in bed every morning except Sunday, that's the day I bring it to him. That is such a special time and when we are apart I really miss it.

*Praise from a loved one. My daughter left me a voicemail this week telling me she was proud of me and that I had done a good job on an event I planned. My heart still wells up when I think of it - I love making my family proud of me.

*The joy of reading a good book! I love when I find a book that I don't want to end. When I am done it is almost like waking up from a delicious dream!

*Watching home videos of when either you or your kids were younger! It just whips me back in time and isn't it amazing how time seems to erase all the bad and ugly feelings and leaves us with just the good memories?

*Any time at all spent in my sewing room!

*Having an afternoon free - with no plans!

*Saturday mornings, when I can putter around my home, clean, bake, and do all the things I long to do during the work week.

*Hearing a song that takes me back to a happy memory.

*Watching my husband work with his horses - it gives him so much joy. It is good to see a hard-working man relax and have fun. He looks really sexy too!

*Observing my married daughters adjust to sharing their lives with the men they love.

*Doing something nice for a good friend.

*Treating myself to a fat-free sugar-free caramel latte - something I don't do very often because it is hard to justify the cost.

*Pulling weeds! Yes, I really said that - pulling weeds. I love gardening and pulling weeds gives me time to think and pray and put my flowerbeds in order. It feels so good when I am done and I solve all the worlds problems during the process!

*Blogging has become a simple joy to me as well! I love "meeting" new people and keeping a journal of my thoughts and experiences.

*Reading along in my Bible when something just jumps off the page and I just KNOW it is a message to me from my God!

I'm very thankful for the simple things in my life - things I don't have to plan or work for - they just occur because of someone else's thoughtfulness or just because I take the time to notice them.

And, oh yeah, here is a picture of another simple joy:


Toni said...

'Pulling weeds!'- I feel the same way about cutting the grass! Hubby is VERY happy that I like to cut the grass!

The puppies are getting cuter everyday!

Julie Fink said...

I love simple things too, especially Saturdays when I don't have to leave the house!

Toni said...

HEY! Why are there only 3 puppies? Did someone puppy-nap one? or is she camera shy??

Toni said...
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Robin said...

Ha Ha Toni, you are very observant! I took that picture for a lady that is only interested in a female so I left the little boy out!

Robin said...

Hmmmm, I've written about the little things meaning much...and I know the older I get, the MORE I crave simplicity! Your "list" here has much to relate in my own life, the least of which is "our" name ;).

Glad you found me...and Amy...and I'll be back to get to know you a bit better soon.

Thanks for your visit to pensieve!

Becky said...

Wow! Thanks for visiting my site. And I would love to help you figure out your header. It is the full circle thing you know. No one is truly healed until they can turn around and help someone else with the same problem. Oh, my, I sound like I am preaching. But I am HEALED of my waking in the middle of the night trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with my blog header. Ha!

OK, try this site
Go down on the page to the place where he talks about adding a picture to the background of the header. It will involve changing the html which is an option on the place where you can write a new post, tabs up on the top say "edit HTML".

Now, here is my most important advice. Be sure when you do this you leave in any parenthesis and/or colons, commas, etc, that are in the html. Mine had ( bla, bla, bla, bla); ...and I had to leave the ( ): in there when I put in the new stuff. That was a kicker for me. I copied out the directions from the site I gave you, and then cut and pasted the words to change in the html.

I am still having trouble finding the right place to change the html to put in a button link on the sidebar. But I am studying. At this rate I'll never get Alzheimers. Let me know how it goes for you.

Oh, here is another thing I did. I created a "test" blog. You can create as many blogs as you want with blogger. I use it to try things out and learn how to make changes so that I am not messing up the real thing. Then I go in an do it right the first time on the real blog.

Good luck Robin!