Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I found this over at Nan's blog. It is pretty interesting me and described me pretty closely, although it got some things wrong - I am NOT fearless. I'm afraid of flying, heights, snakes, lizards, failure, disappointing people, not doing a good enough job, etc. But it's interesting how just choosing some photos can tell so much about a person!
I always hate taking self-surveys because they frustrate me so much. I can take them for other people and it seems easy but when I am choosing how to describe myself it seems like I can see myself in almost every answer I have to choose from. Does anyone else feel like that? When I see a personality test coming my way I usually run far the other direction!


Nan said...

It was wrong about me too on some things. I do have a really messy room but it interpreted that as meaning that I'm a packrat which couldn't be further from the truth. I love throwing things away or taking things to the Salvation Army... too much! LOL! My room is just the dumping grounds of the house. It's where we move all the laundry when people are coming over. Our dresser tops hold all of the things that need to go to the drycleaner.

But it was one of the more enjoyable personality "surveys" wasn't it? :^D

Toni said...

Scared of snakes? ok- with you on that! Lizards? uh.. ok!

I did this a while back, but I didn't post it b/c I thought it was wrong on several things!

Dancer said...

I liked doing that.