Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BOOK REVIEW- Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson

A book review for the Spring Reading Thing
Heather Curridge has it all. A handsome, rich, doctor husband, a sweet, respectful teen-age son, and a beautiful home on a lake. But it never seems to be enough. Heather finds herself being an overweight, church neglecting, critical, compulsive shopper who has begun to hear strange voices in her head asking very pointed questions. And the memories from her past begin to haunt her. Memories of the awful way she treated a classmate during her school years. But never fear. It's all nothing that a kangaroo, a nun, a drug dealer, and two old quaker spinsters can't change!
It took me a little while to get into this book but it did slowly pull me in. Lisa Samson is a talented writer and she skillfully weaves a story line within the story that all comes together at the end of the book. This novel challenges todays Christian into asking questions about the lives of privilege we lead and what our responsibilities to the under-privileged are. When is all the "stuff" we have enough, and are we doing enough to follow Jesus command to take care of the poor?
The characters are a little bit quirky, and some of their conversations seemed a little unrealistic. But the process of transformation in Heather and her family throughout the storyline was excellent. I also felt that the author tried to include too many current day issues in one story, she couldn't do them all justice. But overall I would recommend this book and I give it

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