Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Won! and Two Book Reviews

Wow, I can't believe it - I actually won a book from Katrina's blog Callapidder Days. She has been doing the Spring Reading Thing and it has been so much fun. I won the book Bittersweet by Cathy Marie Hake. Whoo Hoo!!!

I have two more book reviews to share today for The Spring Reading Thing. The first one is:

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling by Neta Jackson
"Think of the possibilities. . ." are the words Jodi Baxter keeps hearing from the Lord. The Yada Yada books are phenomenal Christian literature and they just keep getting better and better. I am usually in tears by the end of each book and it's not because they are sad - they are so happy! I love the way Jodi Baxter talks to God and I really love the way God talks to Jodi Baxter. Neta Jackson takes black, white, asian, rich, poor, beautiful, not-so-beautiful, Christian, Jew, prisoner, poverty-stricken, old and young women who all share a hunger for Jesus and knits together a wonderful experience of love and Christian fellowship. I only know that by the end of each book I hunger to be closer to Jesus. And that's a good thing! I give this book:

My next review is for:

The Beach House by Sally John
This is a story about 4 women who were friends through high school and college and somehow their lives went in all separate directions and they lost contact with each other. Upon their 40th birthday year, one of the women is facing some deep issues in her life and suddenly longs for the friendships she once shared. On a whim she contacts the others and sets up a week long getaway for them to reconnect. They discover that they are all facing serious life issues and through their friendships with each other and re-learning to cast all their cares on Christ, they discover the peace that passes all understanding. This book was very enjoyable and to me was a combination between the Sisterchicks books and the Yada Yada books. It was fun getting to know the characters and learn to appreciate their different personalities. There is a sequel coming out and I will definitely read it too.
I give this book:
I have started to notice an unbalance between my fiction and non-fiction list - I guess I know what I'll be reading this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your blog site is attractive and colorful. You are a very creative writer. I am continuously empressed. CR

Toni said...

And you say you never win anything! Congrats! Both of these books look good- going to the library in a bit, will have to see if they have them in! Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Becky said...

I am honored that you would think of me when reading of Jodi Baxter. I have only read one YaDa YaDa book but they are on my list. And so it Beach House. I can't wait for summer reading. Seems I do less reading since I learned how to knit. I need to find a balance. Or .. better yet, quit my job so I can do it all :)

I love your book reviews. They keep adding titles to my list.

Have you heard of Girl on a Swing? Oh, I do not know the author. Supposed to be excellent. NON FICTION too. So that may help. I'm on the list to get it when it finishes the rounds of my friends.

Corrie said...

Okay Robin,
I'm excited now!!! I'm a reader and these both got great reviews from you. I'll have to let you know how it goes!
Have a great weekend and thanks for the reviews!

Lyndy said...

Robin, I am a first time visitor. Great book review. I love to read and had not seen this one yet.

Thanks for the review.